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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Why Not Wednesday ~Tools Of The Geocacher

The Boy Scout motto is: Be Prepared.  I was never a boyscout, but as a system administrator and geocacher I take that motto to heart.  In my experience one is well served to put this to practice when one is on the hunt for a geocache.  You never know what situation you find yourself in, so it really does help to Be Prepared.

So as a service to any geocachers out there who may not find themselves entirely prepared, this post will outline the things I do to be prepared for any situation I may find myself in while out on the hunt for tupperware in the woods.

== On My Person ==

I carry the following things wherever I go: hiking, walking, work, church, sitting on the couch watching TV...
  • Leatherman Wave multi-tool - I have built entire datacenters with little else than this tool.  If you don't have one, stop reading and go get one now.
  • cell phone
  • pen
  • car keys
  • wallet
  • doggie bags (never know when the hound is gonna squat!)
  • Outback hat by Tilley Endurables

== My Geobag == 

 I have a green canvas messenger bag that I carry with me whenever I go geocaching.  It contains pretty much everything I need on a hunt in either the woods or urban settings:
My geobag with badges from my various travels.
  • Mechanix gloves - you never know what you are going to touch - these protect without being bulky
  • tweezers - for getting those pesky logs out of nano containers
  • compass with safety whistle built in
  • two flashlights for this pesky night hides, or when looking in dark crevices
  • notepad - for writing down notes during puzzle caches
  • camera with extra batteries & memory cards
  • GPS
  • Box of extra AA and AAA batteries (normally 8 of each)
  • sun block
  • bug spray
  • extra pair of socks
  • first aid kit
  • USB cables to connect all my electronics to a computer
  • a bunch of pens of all types, including pencils and sharpies
  • A bag of ziploc bags - for replacing those ripped ones in cache containers that protect the logs.

         A multitude of pens.  I never have the excuse of
"I didn't sign the log because I forgot a pen"

== On The Trail ==

  When I am going on a longer hike I also carry the following:
  • Water bottles
  • snacks
  • hiking stick
== Geo Car ==

These items travel with me in my car:
  • Water bottles
  • car GPS
  • Hiking sticks
  • flashlights
  • wipes - for cleaning off stuff (also because I have a toddler who isn't toilet trained yet :)

So that is how I stay prepared.  Did I leave anything out that you would carry on a geocaching hunt?  Leave your suggestions in the comment section below.

As an aside my geobag is also trackable on  If you are so inclined, feel free to log 'debaere's geobag' at
By: Dave DeBaeremaeker

Cheers, and happy hunting!

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Kim@Snug Harbor said...

Great list and I really like your bag. One thing I'd suggest is either a lighter or waterproof matches for those longer hikes. Just in case you get stuck in the woods and need to start a fire. I need a new walking stick and I'm looking at some collapsible ones.

smithie23 said...

Great article! I'd never be caught dead without my compass in the woods. I guess that's just the Boy Scout in me. It's so easy to get turned around out there, in a flash!

One item I recently added to my collection of "stuff in the car for geocaching" is my orange sweatshirt. I've gone on many spur-of-the-moment cache runs, and wouldn't think of venturing out in the woods, especially this time of year, without some protective orange on.

BigAl said...

I also carry some rope or string just in case I need it. You never know when you'll need to lasso a cache out of a particular spot. I also agree with Kim about the lighter or matches. I did get stuck in the woods with a bunch of kids one time and I was glad to have some matches to start a fire. We spent the night there and we really needed the fire for warmth. So be prepared.

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