CacheCrazy.Com: Why Not Wednesday ~ Creative Geocache Containers I ~ by Dave DeBaeremaeker

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Why Not Wednesday ~ Creative Geocache Containers I ~ by Dave DeBaeremaeker

I have seen some pretty neat geocaching containers over the summer. Here are a few of my favourites. I'll refrain from giving locations to avoid spoilers. I post them here to give you some inspiration for your next hide. Awesomeness in geocaching container is just a good idea and a cool spot away from reality.

This is a TB hotel at an animal shelter:

A cache hidden in an old pipe:

A log that hides an ammo can:

Fake rock made out of foam:

Fake egg in a fake nest - hidden in a real tree:

Probably the coolest hide I've seen in a long long time:

Oxymoron alert: A really large micro:

This article was written by Dave DeBaeremaeker. If you liked this post please feel free to check out some of his adventures and hi-jinks on his personal blog, Only Googlebot Reads This Blog.


Adrienne Rose said...

Hahah The really large Micro cracked me up!

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

I always enjoy seeing creative containers.

Sumajman said...

Love the cache family. Sorry they have passed on but grateful they left something behind for the rest of us.

CrazyCris said...

Cool! So far the ones I've found were all of the tupperware variety...

BigAl said...

Dave, great pictures and great ideas for us in the future. Thanks for posting. I just love finding very "odd" cache containers.

sanam arzoo said...

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