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Monday, November 25, 2013

What's in your Geo-pack?

By: Bloodhounded
Author's Notes: Go light but go smart

Its "What's In YOUR Geo-Pack week! Comments welcome.....

Geocaching is an inexpensive way to connect with nature and have a purpose to climb over, wade through and crawl under obstacles that might get in your way to the treasure. In order to be most effective, you’ll need to bring just a few things along for the adventure. I use two different “geopacks” for different applications. Let’s look at each of them and how their content applies to the sport of geocaching.

My favorite is my hip geopack. This is a light weight little number that has several different pockets and pouches to store all my goodies. It has a quick release clip and is sized just right for me with an adjustable strap. The pack is also waterproof to some degree. I wouldn’t wade with it on but it has kept the contents dry during some pretty wet days in the field. Like the cache itself, most of the items are also separated and kept in zip lock bags. It’s just another measure of keeping the weather out and the bags come in handy to replace old, leaking ones in caches. So what else do I keep in this pack?

• Tweezers

• Flashlight

• Compass

• Small first aid kit with Benadryl (critical for allergenic reactions to bug bites and such)

• Small cache container (to replace a broken one)

• Extra logs (to replace full or ruined ones)


• Lighter

• Multi tool

• Water proof pens

• Extra batteries

I have at one time or another used every item in this pack. It’s small and just right for that short hike, C&D or route caches when I’m never really far from the car.

Then there is my backpack. I really don’t use it as much as the hip pack but it does have it’s applications. When I hike more than three miles, an afternoon of geocaching requires the backpack and when I am traveling I bring it along as well. It stays in my truck all summer to replenish or supply as needed. It can also conceal a pretty large, pipe bomb looking cache container without anyone calling the cops. So, I use it more for hiding than seeking, lol! I leave the outer pouch open and it just fits my hip pack perfectly. This way I’m not fumbling around with it as I know my hip pack well. These are Items that I might need to bring along.

• Poncho

• Room for waters

• Lunch and snacks

• Expanded first aid kit

• Extra T-shit and socks

• Fire starting items

You get the picture. Sometimes you have to travel a little heavier to add the comforts of food, drink, fire and being dry. It really isn’t a designer pack by any means but your's needs to be sturdy, comfortable and big enough to do the job but light enough to carry for four or five hours. If you’re into extreme caching, well that’s a whole different story. You'll needs all kinds of special equipment! I leave that up to DctrSpott to post on sometime.

Key things to remember are:

• Always carry Benadryl! It could quite literally save yours or someone else’s life.

• Have a plan. Know your route and what you’ll face to better understand your needs to carry. At times I’ll add a calculator, note pad and my thinking cap. Other times, I’ll leave all that thinking behind and bring binoculars and/or a good camera. It all depends of the adventure at hand.

• Bring water

• Have a pen or pencil to sign the log book at the absolute very lest

• Having a few dollars with you and a cell phone is a good idea.

Oh, and don't forget your GPSr, lol!

I will tell you that you will enjoy the adventure so much more if you disconnect yourself from your cell and your ipod for a few hours (don’t worry, it will be ok for a few hours). Do tell someone where your going and better yet, take a friend along for the fun. Oh, and don’t forget your hairy best friend.

Have fun and cache safe and you’ll truly enjoy the sport more if you are prepared and confident.


Dodger said...

You mean a hip flask and sidearm aren't enough to carry?

Thanks for the tips!

Mark Dowding said...

I don't actually know where my pack is. Been a while since we used it. Most our recent finds have been on the doorstep or urban.

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