Thursday, November 7, 2013


Hi folks, I wanted to give an update after my cataract surgery.

I did go into the hospital on 10/31/13 to have my cataract removed. That whole process was a piece of cake (chocolate matter of fact.)

When I came out of surgery they took me to the recovery room. While there, and coming out of the anesthesia, my ear problem started bothering me. You see on 10/26 I had taken my son out deer hunting and he was able to shoot a deer. The problem was that he was standing right next to me and the blast from the rifle hit my right ear and messed up my equilibrium.

So when I was laying down and coming out of the anesthesia I started to get really sick. I tried sitting up, but the team kept wanting me to lay down. Every time I did I started to get sick again. My wife was finally allowed to come back with me and she noticed that as I was dry heaving my heart rate would go up. The third time this happened she noticed that my heart rate went up and stayed up. Then I went into A Fib and stayed there.

Now they didn't know what to do because none of them were cardiologists. They called one to come in and when she got there she wanted to give me something for it, but my wife informed her that that particular drug would not help me. She then told them what to give me and they actually listened to her. WOW! I'm glad to have an RN for a wife.

The other problem was that they needed to close the recovery room at 3:30 pm and it was fast approaching. They had to do something with me, so they admitted me to the hospital. The eye surgery was just supposed to be in and out. Now it was looking like I was going to have to stay. They did admit me to a room and I had to spend the night there. This was not my idea of how I wanted to spend Halloween.

Now I know they were only trying to cover their rear ends, but they constantly tired to take blood from me for unnecessary tests. We know what my problem is and it would just take time for the meds to take effect. At 4:05 my wife watched my heart rate drop down to normal levels and then it went back into Normal Sinus Rhythm. So I was only out of normal rhythm for about 3 hours. I did get to eat two meals there, and well, we'll just not discuss it here. Hospital food is not my choice and I always remind myself that food is fuel. The next day they did let me out of the hospital, but only after having to deal with my wife and she was not a happy camper so they let me go.

So I did learn that sometimes eye surgery is not an in and out procedure. I also learned that I always need to take my hot sauce. I usually do if I know I'll be staying in the hospital for a while. Hey, if it doesn't make the food taste better at least I'll have something to drink.  And I learned that when Mamma Bear is not happy, ain't no body happy.

Glad to be back on the road to a speedy recovery. Now where did I put my glasses? Oh, that's right I don't need them anymore. Yeah!!!


Jim Rinker said...

Thrilled to read you are back up and running. Hope to run into you on the trail.
John Galt?

Kevin Bloodhounded said...

Such positive news, you just made my whole week brother! I love your hot sauce to go, way of thinking. all the best!

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

Your wife is one smart cookie. Glad you're on the mend again.

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