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Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving

Normally BigAl would have the Thanksgiving Day post because he writes every Thursday  and he has pleasured us with his work for the last few years. But, this year he sent me an email and asked if I would like to take the Thanksgiving Day post? Would I? Wow, I could thank all the readers and the authors and the guest bloggers and our supporters and family and go on and on about how much I really appreciate all of them but, when I sat down, this is what came out so, what you see is what you get for our CacheCrazy.Com Thanksgiving Day post. I wrote about life, read on and see what I mean.

Thanksgiving to me is the TRUE meaning of the holidays. Family and friends get together and break bread, enjoy each others company, watch a little football and, even a nap is an acceptable practice! I love it! And you had just better go for seconds or the chef will be offended, so eat up, and stay on your in-laws good side if you know what’s good for ya. How about these folks that do two and even three Thanksgiving dinners in succession just to hit all the families, talk about man VS food! The next thing you know you’re waking up in the fourth quarter with a killer tryptophan hangover and at the end of the day, life is good.

The general consensus is, everyone loves Thanksgiving and it’s very high on the list of memorable family moments.
So I ask you, why hasn't it been tarnished with marketing ploys, greetings cards and the need of having to buy gifts to show your Thanksgiving Day spirit like Christmas, Easter and Halloween? In this high tech world that is changing by the second, good old Thanksgiving has stood strong and is pretty much unchanged, from the very beginning when the pilgrims and Indians sat down together, til today.
To me, that’s what makes Thanksgiving special and an almost “protected” holiday. Even when the retail pressure built up, we pushed it off until the next day!

It’s an exciting day for me as a cook, to prepare the Thanksgiving dinner! I love to watch my family enjoy a meal I’ve prepared with care. I start bright and early and cook and clean in the kitchen all damn day and you know what? I actually would not have it any other way! To me Thanksgiving is special maybe to you, not so much but I think we'll all agree that the food rocks!


 I am blessed with a well family. Everyone I love right now is alive, well and growing older with me every day. I am extremely thankful for that first and foremost because without your health, you have little. So when people start to complain about petty things, it kind of annoys me. Let me share a quick story with you. In the packed grocery store this past weekend this lady in front of me was bitching at the cashier (who was just a teenager) why she didn’t get her 25 cent discount on a sweet tea she bought. In a panic, he hit his “need assistance” light and I noticed several more were blinking it was a busy day, lots of problems I guess. This lady was getting down right abusive and he wasn’t getting help so I stepped in. I reached in my pocket and just happened to have a quarter. I laid it down in front of her and said very politely, “excuse me, here is your 25 cent discount and have a happy Thanksgiving” I looked at the boy and we talked about how busy the store was and she just walked off. He thanked me and I told him no problem brother. I thought to myself if your biggest issue is a freaking quarter savings, get down on your knees woman and praise the Lord! Some folks really need to do a reality check.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone out there, celebrate life with your family and friends  and have a blessed
holiday season!



Kevin Bloodhounded said...

Happy Thanksgiving! With a sincere thanks to all of our readers and our outstanding admin authors, the awesome guest bloggers, our supporters and, our whole CacheCrazy.Com family!

BigAl said...

I too want to give a Happy Thanksgiving to everyone that follows us here at CC. Without all of you we would be nothing but letters on a page. I hope you all have a great day and make many memories with your families. Now, go eat some more turkey and pie.

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

Happy Thanksgiving to my friends and fellow writers here at Cache Crazy. And a big thank you to all our readers. May everyone have a blessed holiday.

Anonymous said...

Bwahahaha that is great!! It's true...Thanksgiving is the best..spending time with family, cooking and eating lots o' food. Love it! I'm thankful for Cachecrazy and Bloodhounded ;)

Jamie :)

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