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Friday, November 1, 2013

#1 - The Prospector

Dave really rocked the house with this awesome story and took first place in the Fright Week event last year! I wanted to share it with you again in case you missed it! Enjoy! BH

The Prospector 
It was a fine October day for geocaching in the Klondike mountains,
Chris MacDonald thought to himself as he stopped to take in the view
of the valley below.  This is going to make an excellent blog post was
his next thought as he shifted his pack and turned to keep moving.  No
time to rest, he had a goal to accomplish before the day was over.

He was at the halfway mark of a 9 mile hike to Pikes Pass.  His goal
was to complete a 6 part multi-cache that promised a tour of an old
mining settlement from the Gold Rush era.  The cache was published 6
years ago, but has never been found.

A couple hours later he was getting close to ground zero for the first
stage.  As he approached he saw what he was looking for, an abandoned
cottage that a prospector called home during the rush.  He took a few
steps closer, but what he saw next surprised him.

There was a man sitting on the steps of the cottage. He was not sure
what he should do - there should be no one around for at least a days

The man spotted him, looked him over, and smiled.  He called out with
a heavy mountain accent “Howdy! Are ya on tha hunt too?”.  He flashed
a GPS, a Magellan eXplorist, to show that he was in fact a geocacher.
“I saws your GPS hangin’ from yer pack”, he explained.

“Yeah, I am”, Chris replied. “I didn’t expect anyone else to be up
here”.  He thought about the situation for a moment and added “So...
do you... uh... wanna team up and find the cache?”.

“Sure thang”, said the man, “My names Jim Dunnigan, but most people be
callin’ me Hacksaw Jim”.

“Chris.  Caching name ChuckleMan134.  Pleasure to meet you”, Chris
said, shaking hands.

“I already found this here stage”, Jim said, “Why don’tcha  find it
yerself, and we can move on to the next one together.”

“Sounds good to me!” Chris said, already glancing down at his GPS, a
brand new Garmin Montana 600.  The arrow pointed him into the
building.  He entered and quickly found the container he was looking
for - an altoids can in the pantry.  Inside was the coordinates for
the next stage.  He entered the numbers into his GPS and moved towards
the door.  As he was leaving he glanced down and noticed an old
newspaper from 1889 sitting on a rickety old table.  The headline read
“6 Prospectors Missing - Foul Play Suspected”.

Neat! Chris thought, as he went outside.  He followed Jim down the
trail, and wondered what adventures the day held for him.

For the next hour the pair went from stage to stage.  The second stage
was a lok’n’lok behind an old outhouse.  The third was a film canister
near a saw mill. The fourth hidden in some rocks beside an old bridge
that crossed a creek.  The fifth was hidden in the wooden supports at
the entrance to an old mine.

Instead of coordinates to the final location, the fifth cache simply
had directions.  “Go into the mine 150ft to the first intersection.The
cache is on the ground, 20ft down the shaft on the left.”

“This looks like fun!” Chris exclaimed.

“Sure does”, Jim replied. “I need a break tho - why don’tcha go ahead
and I’ll catch up”. He pulled a water bottle out of his pack.

“Uh, OK.”  Chris thought it was weird, but was anxious to get inside
the mine and find the final cache.  He pulled out his flashlight and
headed into the darkness.

     Photo by: Sacha Peter 

It was spooky in the mine. He could hear the wind howl at the
entrance.  The wooden support beams cast weird shadows. Water dripped
from the ceiling.  He was pretty sure he saw a rat. There were old
mining equipment - shovels and pickaxes - leaning against the walls.
He was surprised none of this stuff had been muggled.

Once he got to the intersection he shone his light down the shaft.
Sure enough there was an 50cal. ammo can sitting on the ground.  He
walked up to the cache, knelt down, and opened it.

“What the...” he called out in surprise.  Instead of a log book, the
ammo can was full of GPS devices. “Why on earth would these be here?”
he wondered aloud.

He heard a noise behind him.  He turned around just in time to get a
glimpse of Jim swinging a shovel at him.  Stunned he fell to the
ground. His flashlight shone against the wooden support beam.  He
blacked out for a minute.

When he awoke, Jim was standing over him. He swung the shovel again,
and yelled “No one is gonna take m’treasure! Ya hear? No one!”

As darkness fell over him  for the last time he read the words carved
into the beam: “Here lies Jim Dunnigan: Murderer of 6 men.”


It was a fine day for geocaching in the Klondike mountains.  Bobby
Thompson had just arrived at the first stage of a 6 part multi cache
that promised a tour of an old mining settlement from the Gold Rush
era.  It had not been found in 7 years.

He was startled to find someone else sitting on the steps as he
approached the old building.

The man spotted him, looked him over, and smiled.  He called out “Hey
there! Are you on the hunt too?”.  He flashed a GPS, a new Garmin
Montana 600, to show that he was also a geocacher.  “I already found
this stage, but why don’tcha go inside and find it yerself, then we
can team up on the rest.”

“OK, sounds good”, said Bobby.  He entered the building, found the
next coords, and started to leave.  As he was leaving he noticed an
old newspaper from 1889 sitting on a rickety old table.  The headline
read “7 Prospectors Missing - Foul Play Suspected”.

“Neat!” thought Bobby, thinking how cool it was to see an old paper
like that.  He shouldered his pack and followed Jim down the trail,
wondering what adventures the day held for him.

Written by: Dave D



Dave, what can I say, OUTSTANDING STORY! Man, you are one talented guy. I love the story and congratulations on being the number one post! I swear I loaded all ten of the best stories into a random selector and it's ironic that three CacheCrazy.Com Authors fell into the top three! Thanks to everyone who submitted stories. All of them will be published at one time or another. Thanks for taking part in Fright Week and have a fun and safe Halloween!

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

Really nice story Dave - congrats on being number 1. I'm already looking forward to next years contest. This was really great!!

George said...

Creepy! Does anyone have the GC code for this cache? :)

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