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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Why Not Wednesday? ~ Temporarily disabled during hunting season, really?

With hunting season upon us, many hunters will be heading out to the woods in anticipation of getting that big buck, turkey or whatever type of hunting you’re into. I respect the sport, I do not hunt with a gun myself but I know that many follow a lifelong tradition and enjoy the challenge, exercise and just being outdoors. I also noted over the past few years that there are a lot of hunters who are also geocachers.

Some of my hides are on state game lands and they seem to get an increased amount of action during hunting seasons. This tells me that there are hunters who are adding the fun of geocaching to their day so even if they don’t bag their game, they can still end the day with a smiley or two or more! I have also noticed that more and more cache owners are actually temporarily disabling their caches during hunting season. I guess their position is to let the hunters have the woods to themselves or from a safety standpoint, they feel better knowing that their caches are off the radar until it’s safe again?

I pose the question here today to our dedicated readers to try and get their point of view on disabling caches for hunting season. Do you think it’s a responsible thing for a CO to do OR, is it just a waste of time and a disadvantage to the hunter/geocacher. Remember, even though a cache might be temporarily disabled, you can still log the find. Should geocachers just stay out of the woods during hunting season? Is it really dangerous or is it more of a “respect for use of the woods”? I would love to hear your point of view no matter what it might be.

Happy hunting! No matter what you’re hunting, deer or a geocache or both, be careful out there and have



BGrace said...

I believe that disabling caches in state gamelands or other hunting areas is wise because non-hunters, out-of-staters, and newbie cachers may not even be aware that it IS hunting season. In our neck of the woods, a lot of cachers are hunters, and they can of course log and find caches during their hunt. I'd be so upset if some family with little kids who have been caching for just a few weeks went into the woods and met with harm because they were unaware it was a hunting season, particularly in some places, like certain state parks, which may not seem like places where hunting is allowed to those who don't have a lot of experience. Better safe than sorry!

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

We did some geocaching in the woods in Kentucky last year during hunting season and I have to say, even tho we thought to wear orange vests, I was uncomfortable. And we are hunters ourselves.

So for me, I will not be hunting for caches in the woods during hunting season just for my own safety. If a cache is hidden on land here hunting is permitted, then for the safety of others, I'd disable the cache for hunting seasons with a note why you did so. Of a cacher still chooses to look for the cache, then you can't say he wasn't fore-warned. I just don't think any cache is worth possibly getting shot over.

Kevin Bloodhounded said...

Well, after a few emails and BGrace's excellent comment, I agree.
Where suitable, I too have TA'd a few of my caches as well. I have one on a Pheasants Forever project and hunters hit that area hard so that on goes down. On the flip side however, I have a few that are SGL and placed so they really don't need it because they are in the safety zone.
In any case, I think its the right thing to do in certain areas. BH

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