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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

WHY NOT WEDNESDAY ~ Take A Kid Geocaching!

The future of Geocaching lies in the hands of today’s young people and children. They are the next generation of geocachers and how we hide, maintain, and project the sport today is nothing more than the starting point for them to expound on for tomorrow.  This is why I often stress cache maintenance and keeping the “treasure” in the treasure hunt. When a kid opens a cache they are not only looking for the treasure it may hold, they are looking at the door to the future. No treasure, no future and 30 years from now someone will ask you, “what WAS geocaching?
Offer your services to a local scout troop, church youth groups, Big Brother/Big Sister clubs, CYO groups even the YMCA may be able to help you put a small group together. All it takes is that one kid, just like you and I, who get hooked on their first cache and the rest is history........literally. 


Nighthawk700 said...

Taking my kids out caching has helped to show me more of their personality and how they think. My oldest loves to hear the story behind the cache. If there isn't one, she'll make one up. My middle one is very detail oriented. As such she's likely to be the first to find the cache (if someone doesn't come up with it by luck first), but she also burns out quickly and will be bored after 2-3 caches. My youngest has been caching since she learned to walk, and loves the excuse to get outside and walk a good distance (then wants to be carried the rest of the way)

Besides my kids (three girls from 3-9 years old) I've taken their friends (and their friends' parents) caching. My girls loved being able to teach other kids how to look for caches. Of course they part they empathized was trading SWAG. ;-) I also took my old synagogue's Boy Scout troop out to gather up a few caches. The best part about that was standing right next to the cache container and watching them scamper all around looking for it. ;-) The scoutmaster caught on after the second cache, but the scouts fell for it each time.

I don't know if any of them (besides my girls) will continue to cache, but at least they now know what it is, and won't get a blank stare if someone mentions it to them.

Dave DeBaeremaeker said...

I take my kids out caching. My son, 3 years old, has 75 finds. My 7month old has 6 (all events).

Caching with kids is fun. Tho my son doesn't get discouraged if there is not swag in the cache or not - or even if there isn't a cache. One of my finest prodest "Cacher dad" moments was when we hiked into the woods (not far - maybe 200ft - for me the bushwhacking was light, but for someone with short legs it was much much harder. We looked all over, but did not find the cache (tho we found what looked like cache contents). I declared the cache missing and told my son my conclusion. He said "ok!", and we headed back to the van where mommy and sister were wating. When we got close he ran up to the car window yelling excitedly"mommy - we didn't find it!", and when prompted to go find another one, it was an ethusiastic "yes!", and then quickest he's ever gotten into his car seat.

I am going to keep de-emphasizing swag in the future. However I do carry a bag of tradeables in my pack for him. The funny thing is that half the time he wants to keep what I brought, and not what is in the cache. It amuses me. He does understand having to trade tho, which is nice.

All around, he's a great caching companion.

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

Caching with kids is such a great thing!!

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