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Monday, October 21, 2013

Location - Location - Location

by: Bloodhounded

Have you ever heard the expression “location, location, location" ?  It refers to a business and if the location is just right, the business will prosper. I think the same applies to cache placement. After 25 hides of all types of cache containers form mystery’s to micros I have found that location has a lot to do with how often your cache will be found.

One of the obvious facts is people either don’t have much time to spend on a long hike type cache or they are too lazy to do so. Maybe it’s too much work for one smiley while you can get 5 in the same amount of time? Hey, I’m not saying that being in it for the numbers is wrong, I am merely pointing out the facts and trends of my own hides. Check out the graph I put together based on 4 different types of caches and the amount of finds from January to date.

1. Cache and Dash – less than 300 feet

2. Traditional Cache – Less than ½ mile

3. Traditional Cache – More than ½ mile

4. Mystery/Multi – Distance varies

When I first started hiding caches I really wanted to get a lot of action but I also wanted to take folks to a nice place and give them an experience. What I found out in quick order is if you want a lot of action place your cache close to the road or parking area. If you want to offer a great experience, try to find an area with easy accessibility and a short walk. I really like mystery caches and multi’s but obviously I am in a small minority. If you hide one know that it will only receive a few hits per year but those are usually well received by the caching community. Same goes for a traditional with an extensive walk. It will get only limited action unless you can place it where other caches are and a cacher can get three or four for their efforts.

I have a great cache “The Water Dog” that is a traditional and an awesome walk along the Lehigh River. Those who have done the cache log positive comments but, it only receives 4-6 finds per year. It’s a 2.5 mile walk full trip which isn’t hard because the terrain is flat and scenic. To me it is a little bit of a disappointment because “I thought” I was providing exactly what a geocacher wants. On the other hand my “ Among The Dogwoods” adjacent to a urban resort that has a creek running behind it is just a quick stroll from the parking area. It gets weekly action and a lot of it from out of town folks either staying at the resort or in the area. Quick stops off of any major highway are also popular and get a lot of traffic from the traffic.

In summary, before you hide your cache think about what you want to achieve in finds. If you are looking for a lot of action and an average response, take my advice above. If you are looking to provide an awesome experience (scenic view, great hike, etc.) and you’re not too concerned how many people come to your cache but those who do really love it, you can do whatever you choose. The exceptions to these rules have to do with either the theme or/and the container which I’ll cover in future posts. A well placed “unique” container can make all of the difference in a C&D, trust me.

Whatever you choose, have fun. That’s the reason we all started this to begin with. Don’t belabor yourself with a high maintenance cache or place it with too many expectations. Our sport is new and really just catching on so as time goes by more and more people will be geocaching and your results will always be favorable if you maintain your cache properly and set it out with the intention to challenge the finder.

Happy hiding!


Dave DeBaeremaeker said...

The easy, convenient hides will always get more action. Tis the nature of things. A travelling cacher can usually find 5-10 minutes to go find a cache as they pass thru, but often don't have time for the 1-2 hours that a 2-3 mile hike entails. So your audience is limited to locals who can make time, and those much fewer number of travelers who have time in their schedule.

Not to mention that not everyone has the ability to walk 2-3 miles.

I, tho, would glady go find this cache. If I am ever in the area, I'll be sure to add my name to the log.

Annmarie Pipa said...

so interesting! I am not familiar with all of these things you write about..and love learning! seems to me this whole hobby has a future!

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