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Friday, October 4, 2013

Geocaching Slump

It happens to the best of us.  You set out, in pursuit of the cache, oh so confident in your caching abilities.  No sweating this one.  Everyone who has posted a log said it was a piece of cake.  "I walked right up to it!"  Everything is hunky-dory.  You get to ground zero and immediately spy that ever-familiar suspicious pile of rocks.  It's not there.  Maybe it's hanging in that tree over there.  Nope, no dice.  Where the heck could it be?  Ah, that log over there looks as if it's been placed there on purpose.  You turn it over, only to find a colony of freaky looking bugs.  What you thought would be a quick cache and dash has now consumed the last 45 minutes of your life, and there is no sign of a cache anywhere. Maybe the coordinates were off.   Maybe it's gone.  Maybe you suck at geocaching.

Flustered at your failed attempt at geocaching bliss, you put your tail between your legs and move on to the next cache.  Surely, that 1.5/1.5 rated cache down the street will be easy.  As with the previous cache, you just can't seem to find it.  What's the deal?  Two DNF's in a row?  How could this be?  Maybe I'll get the next one.  You move on down the line.  Rinse and repeat- no luck there.  Surely, there must be a muggle out there, stealing these caches, in anticipation of my arrival.  Perhaps these cache owners have no clue where they're doing.  In any event, you give up.  You're never going to find another cache again.  Your hobby, the escape from the drab and monotonous which is everyday life, is doomed!  You're in a bonafide caching slump!

Doesn't it just make you want to cry?

Does any of this sound familiar?  I bet at least some if it does.  I had an experience very similar to this over the summer.  I went through a period of a week or so where I couldn't find a cache to save my life.  City park, nature trail, shopping center parking lot, it just didn't matter.  No matter where the cache was, or how easy a find everyone claimed it to be, I couldn't find a cache to save my life.  I wasn't really doing anything out of the ordinary.  My search methods were the same.  The caches I sought out were within the difficulty and terrain I usually go for, given the constraints of work and home life.  Sorry, Milli Vanilli, I can't blame it on the rain.  The weather at the time was gorgeous.

No cache for you today!

I've written this caching slump off to karma.  Little did I know it at the time, but I was about to find A LOT of caches in a short period of time.  A lot of good caches.  A lot of GREAT caches!  Someone, somewhere, was playing Even Steven.  So, the next time you find yourself out there in DNF purgatory, don't fret.  You WILL find another cache.  You've got great caching skills!


Big_Dog1970 said...

Good story Dave
I have had lots of days like this myself.
Oh by the way did you ever find that one near me that you missed the ftf on? You know the one that could fly.
We gotta get out there together and find some one of these days.

Cache Ya Later Smithers :)

Ann said...

Been there, read the book, and bought the tee shirt lol. Then the DNF you log online is quickly followed by the next cacher logging.......Quick easy find! Grrrrrr

Erika Jean said...

i had a little slump myself in SC.i blame the trees. i am just not use to caching with tree cover... how that affects signal and the way it give more places for hiding :-) i do always log a dnf though on the off chance it wasnt just me and it was really gone. i usually just say something along those lines too.

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