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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Why Not Wednesday ~ Lessons Learnt

It’s a rare Geocaching outing where we tailor our targeted finds to the kids.  They're all pretty adept Geocachers now, so there is no real need to.

However, last weekend, we thought it would be nice to get out and have a leisurely walk and grab some quick and easy finds.  Have a picnic whilst out and let the kids do some swag swaps.

Looking at the map, one series met our needs perfectly.  The aptly named Kidz series set by Team GB, over near Rolleston on Dove.

The series is made up of seven caches.  Unfortunately, number seven had suffered from recent weather conditions.

Before we got to the area we had to relearn some important lessons.  Firstly was planning the journey to the caches.  I used to be meticulous about this, who wants to spend more time in the car than necessary?  But lately we've kept close to home when caching and knew the routes, so I guess we (I) got a bit lazy on this front.

So, after a couple of journeys up and down the A38, we finally found our way to the head of the trail.
Once we were out of the car and on the trail, we found a series of well stocked caches.  As you'd expect with such a series title, these are GREAT caches for kids.  I'd recommend them for anyone with smaller children, as most are nice easy finds.  

Although there are no picnic spots along the trail, there are several benches, so the kids were quite happy to have a seat and grab a bite to eat.

This trail is also perfect to teach kids some of the skills of caching.  Things like stealth.  Its a popular dog walking area, from our experience, so stealth at times is vital.
The second skill is that geosense.  Stand back and just say to the kids where looks a good place to hide a cache.  These hides lend themselves to that.

Overall a good day out and a great series.  Wish there was a series local to me when we started caching with the kids.


Kevin Bloodhounded said...

Well done Mark! It's funny how we can get away from the basics when we get a little confident. It has happened to me as well OR I go completely the opposite away and get too into the coords and don't even look up, duh, there it is "geosenses"
Great times with the family are always in order.
Thanks for contributing!

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

Looks like a nice series.

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