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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Why Not Wednesday ~ Bushwhackers Anonymous

Learn to cope with your adventurous side.

Hi, my name is DctrSpott, and I have a problem...

I just can't seem to stay on trails.
Now, don't get me wrong. I'm not dumb or anything. I can track trails pretty well, even in heavy underbrush or snow. Like my dog, I just seem to have an eye for it. I even enjoy walking trails: it gives me this feeling of connectedness with the past. Walking the same path many others have walked before, possibly hundreds of years early, is just pretty cool.

But I just can't stay on them. Sure, I usually start out well, find the trailhead and start walking. But the trail curves, and I wonder, "Hey, might it be faster to just keep going straight?" But maybe it's not just that. Sometimes, I just think I don't like the trails telling me what to do. I mean, who are they, right? I don't need them bossing me around and keeping me down. And let's be honest: I'm pretty smart. I can probably figure out a more direct way to my destination than whatever bozos were here before me. And besides, the GPS says it's only a couple hundred meters straight ahead.

It usually works out fine. And sometimes I stumble on some cool spots. But sometimes things get slightly... problematic.

Last week, I was down in Pennsylvania's State Game Land # 38, going after GC18EGW, Mountain Lake. This multi involves reading a provided map to locate the penultimate stage.

Not quite... but close.
So, in usual fashion, I started off following what I thought was the trail shown on the map. Less than five minutes later, I found myself completely off the trail, thinking I could navigate to the stage much more directly than just following the trail, with only my handdrawn map as a guide. After an hour, I stumbled onto a stream, and was able to follow it to a trail. I laughed at my experience, eventually made the find, and swore to cast off my bushwhacker ways.

Less than 30 minutes later, on the way to another cache in the area, I stopped to read my GPS. "Looks like the cache is about 800 meters away, directly to my left, off the trail.... and over a lake." I was back to my old ways, off the trail, trying to circumnavigate the lake.

STOP! What did I just do?? Haven't I learned my lesson? I laughed again, and returned to the trail. By the way, I traveled 3 times as fast on the trail.

All in all, it turned out well. And hey, bushwhacking can be fun. But sometimes, it's best to just resist the urge, stick with the trail more traveled by, and just relax.

PS: Don't forget to tell me about your favorite Northeastern Pennsylvania caches.

Bloodhounded said, "This was always one of my favorite DctrSpott posts. I thought I'd bring it to you again"


BigAl said...

Well let me say that I used to do a lot of bushwhacking. Then I got into a couple of spots where it was a big no go, and once I almost got really lost. I decided then that maybe the trails were the best route to go and maybe those guys who put the trails in wanted me to see some pretty awesome stuff along the way. They were right. So sometimes sticking to the trail is the best method. And sometimes I revert back to my old ways too and just go straight for it. At least I have fun.

DctrSpott said...

Awww, thanks, Bloodhounded.

I'll admit, I've cut down on my bushwhacking a bit out here, but only after a certain sheep mountain disaster somewhat taught me my lesson...

Kevin Bloodhounded said...

Great to see some new friends and best friends comments on all of our posts! Thank you!
DctrSpott will always be one of the original Admin Authors and forever will be. You can find his work here from time to time and he even throws in a surprise post randomly. He's always welcome.....

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