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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Up on the Rock

By Big Al

Note to readers: The Cachecrazy crew finally got together for some introductions and we even got out for a few caches together. Well three of us did.

Grab a cup of coffee, or tea, and get UP ON THE ROCK!

Last Thursday three of the team members from got together for a few caches. Bloodhounded had a meeting to attend, so it was Dodger (from Dodger Lizard Crew), DctrSpott (and his Geodog Boltzman), and me. The guys told me to meet them at the Francis E. Walter Dam and we would hit some caches that are located there. I had just gotten home from work so I made a quick change of clothes and headed out the door. This was going to be the first time that I had met any of the guys in person. I was really looking forward to this meeting.

I arrived at the F. E. W. Dam and drove over to Dodger's house and met him, his wife, and their kids.  Shortly thereafter DctrSpott arrived with his Geodog Boltzman. Hey, these are a great bunch of people and I'm glad they are on our team. After some more introductions the three of us, with Boltzman, headed over to the dam. I have never been across the dam before and all I can say is WOW!! This is one spectacular dam. The view from here is unbelievable.

We continued on to a parking area and after parking we all got ready to hit the trails. Dodger had decided that the first cache we needed to complete was GC13X3C , Up on the Rock. This cache is owned by bottlecap. We started up the road and as we were walking Dodger said we needed to duck into the woods. He said he knew this because the arrow was still pointing the way. When I asked what arrow he was talking about he pointed to the ground and said it was on the cache page. Here is how it's listed on the CP: "After you arrive at the parking coords, and check out the falls, walk UP along the guardrail on the same side of the road, and look for an arrow of rocks on the ground. That is the best way in. If you don't find the arrow, it's no "biggey", but I wish you luck."

We then headed into the woods and crossed the creek. From there it was a short climb up some rocks to the area where we were to begin our search. Search you say? Yes, we needed to search for a strange object. On the cache page you're given a set of coordinates that take you to where the strange object is located. We arrived at ground zero and began searching. We searched high and low, in and out, up and under, but we were just not finding the strange object. After searching for quite some time we decided to leave with out it and go on to the main cache. We weren't sure if we would regret it later on, but it was worth trying anyways. 

We had to climb up some more big rocks to get to the next ground zero and we did eventually make it. I started looking around and then I heard DctrSpott say he had located it.

                DctrSpott deciding maybe he should not try to climb down there

I went over and could not believe where it was. As soon as I saw where it was located I realized why we needed the strange object. As we continued looking we then noticed the reason we could not find the strange object. It was already there, but let's just say it was not going to be useful to us right now. We decided to try a rope that Dodger had and I thought I could lasso the cache. Well that did not work. Then Dodger had an idea of using a multi-tool so I got mine out and tied it to the rope and used it to get the cache. 

                                                     Gerber retrieval tool

So now we had the cache out and we all signed the log and checked out the swag. Then came the fun part of trying to do some extreme cache maintenance. With the rope we had I was able to lasso the strange object and retrieve it with Dodger's help. Then we used it to put the cache back in place. Now it's totally ready for the next cacher to find it. While we were closing things up Bloodhounded called and said he was on his way to meet us at the parking area. Cool, I finally get to meet the guy who started this whole CacheCrazy idea.  We then went back to the first listed cords and put the strange object back in its place. You know there is nothing like helping out a fellow cacher when you're right there. So with cache maintenance completed we headed back out to the road. 

When we got out to the road Dodger told us all to straighten up because the Big Boss (Bloodhounded) was here. I looked down the road and saw a nicely dressed man getting out of an SUV. We approached each other and introduced ourselves. He then said to me "my, you are a big guy." I guess that's why they call me Big Al.  After talking for a bit we all gathered together for a photo. 

                                Dodger, DctrSpott, Bloodhounded and Big Al

It was really nice being able to meet the whole crew. I just wish we could have all gone out for the other caches, but Bloodhounded had some other things to take care of so he had to leave. As we stood there talking the dark clouds began to roll in. We decided to go for the other caches even though it might rain. So we headed off to the next one. We were able to do two more caches before calling it quits for the night. As we were leaving Bloodhonded called again and told us a nasty storm was heading our way. We informed him we had already called it a day and were heading home. When we got to Dodger's house it began to rain. As I was leaving it really began to rain a lot harder and the wind really picked up. I thought several times the wind might blow some trees over into the road, but that never happened and I did make it home safely. 

I want to say thanks to the guys for allowing me to join them as part of the CacheCrazy team, and for a really nice time out doing what we all love; Geocaching. If you've never been to the F.E.W. Dam then I suggest you set aside some time and go visit it. I know I'll be taking my family back there for some caches and for some fun hikes. Enjoy your time afield this week. 



Great post BigAl! I would have loved to come along and play and it "killed" me that I had to go but all is well. It was great to meet you and an awesome opportunity to play right in my back yard. Glad you enjoyed it! There are many more "quality caches" at the FEW Dam so next time you're coming up, give me a heads up and I'll make sure we meet up.

Dan the Wodsman said...

This is so awesome! I had no idea you guys haven't met each other in person. It hurts me reading a story like this... i'm stuck in school (currently on my lunch break). I miss being out on the hunt! Anyway I'm glad you guys were able to meet up. Keep up the great work!

Dodger said...

We know how to get it done - How about it, Team? That sure was fun. And we were racing some nasty thunderstorms the whole time, too. Always an adventure!

Dodger said...

DTW - Big Al was the last missing link. Now the circle is complete.

By the way, when you getting some free time this summer? We want to head up New York way for some geocaching...


*NOTE* For the record - in the group picture I was posing like a "NERD"(not that there is anything wrong with being a nerd), I really am laid back and cool, lol! Actually, we all are. You guys (or as they say in NEPA "yous guys") are EXACTLY as cool as I thought you would be.

Yes, the circle is complete and BigAl let me thank YOU for joining US and sharing your wonderful work!

Anonymous said...

So cool you all got to meet up and what a neat cache to find as a team!! I like that scary looking tool ;)

Jamie :)

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