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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

So That's What A Geocache Container Looks Like

Some of my readers have been asking me what cache containers look like.  Well, there are many different kinds, shapes and sizes.

These are basic ammo cans...

A large, cammo'd tube...  These are often hung from a tree branch or a fence.

Yes, a plastic pickle jar.  This was hidden in a tree stump.

A film container.....

A plastic, cammo'd tupperware container.  This is why we say we are searching for
 "Tupperware in the woods!"

A little wooden treasure chest.....

A preform container.  This looks like a test tube with electrical tape wrapped around it.

I loved this next one - it was a custom made container, out of plastic PVC pipe and wrapped in cammo tape.  This was hidden in a fallen tree in the forest.

This next one was a little container that looked like a cat....  
It was hidden outside a Chuck E. Cheese restaurant.

One cache owner had several of these containers custom made with these logo's on them....

This was another good one - it was a custom made plastic light bulb, attached with a magnet (with permission) to the rear of an office building, about 6 ft. high.  Really clever!

And this one is a cammo'd lock and lock container - which is just like a fancy tupperware container.

So there you have it - a nice selection of different cache containers, but they are certainly not limited to what you see here.  The more you cache, the more different kinds you will find.

Please visit the official geocaching site and read thru this page:

It gives you lots of great information on getting started.   I suggest you start with something close to home, with a terrain and dificulty rating of 1/1.  Maybe something in a park or near a restaurant.  These are easier to do at first and can be done without a GPS unit.  Just remember to use stealth, and come back and let me know what you found!  Happy caching!

Thanks Kim for another great re-posted article! If you would like to see this article on Kim's Blog Snug Harbor Bay click here.... 


Heather Cook (Lady-Magpie) said...

Good item Kim, I,m always surprised on the different types of containers that there are. From large ammo containers to my pet hate magnetic nano s and key-safe containers. I have a photo of one particular one which will be the subject of my next clever cache blog, keep watching.


I LOVE this post! What a great display of Geocache containers and wonderful pics to remember them all by! Super job Kim!Thanks for sharing!

Heather, I can't wait, please don't leave me in suspense!Your "clever cache" series is so great too!

Both of you play such a huge role here at CacheCrazy.Com! Thank you!

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