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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Recap of the Bow Hunter's Festival 2010

By Big Al

The 2013 PA Bowhunter's Festival is coming up on September 13th, 14th, and 15th at the Sullivan County Fair Grounds. Whether you hunt or not you can still enjoy a fun time with family and friends.

Grab a cup of coffee or tea, sit back and smell the fire, beans, and bacon.

Every year since 1957, with the exception of the 2011 devastating floods, in mid-September, thousands of Bowhunters journey to the small town of Forksville, in Sullivan County, Pennsylvania, for the Pennsylvania Bowhunters Festival, the oldest gathering of Bowhunters in the world.  The three-day event offers a wide variety of shooting activities and events designed to prepare Bowhunters for the upcoming archery season and entertain them at the same time.

The Festival features the famous “Forksville Running Deer” target, mechanical bear and turkey targets, pop-up and moving small game targets, a timed clay pigeon shoot, stationary targets set at variable distances, and three game trails designed to simulate bow hunting in a northern hardwood forest.  All targets are McKenzie style 3-D targets.  There are vendors and manufacturers, entertainment, and great food.

Here's what happened the last time I went there. I sure hope to go again this year.

A good friend of mine, Steve, invited me to the Pennsylvania Bowhunter's Festival held at the Sullivan County Fairgrounds, in Forksville, PA. We were really looking forward to this trip since we would also be camping out at the nearby Worlds End State Park. I had made our reservations in advance to make sure we would have a camp site reserved for us.

We arrived in Forksville and stopped at the place we thought was the State Park. We were wrong. It was just a visitor's center. A Ranger came out so we asked him where to go. He told us where the family campground was and he then said if we could not find it he would be out in the morning to look for us. We laughed and headed off to the campground. We found our spot with no problems, which was spot #63. It was such a beautiful site and it seemed like it would be a beautiful night. We set up our tent and then got the fire going. I opened up the container I had the pork and beans in and put them in a pan and put them on the fire. Then I put on and some water for coffee. It did not take long for the water to get hot and I poured a cup for both of us. There’s nothing like a fresh cup of coffee while you’re camping.

                                 Setting up camp

The pork and beans were ready so we ate them. They were outstanding. Steve really loved the way they tasted. I had seasoned them with molasses, brown sugar, maple syrup, a dab of mustard, and a few spices. Steve had brought along a small venison roast, which I cut down the middle as two steaks, and we seasoned them with Maple Seasoning and Grill Master seasoning. I put them on the grill and let them cook. When they were done we cut them each in half since they were not the same thickness. That way we each got a thin piece and a thicker piece. The meat was so good.

Look at those beautiful steaks

When we were done we cooked some little pies in my pie tins. We put bread in the tins and then put cherry pie filling in-between the pieces of bread along with a small piece of Hershey bar. Then we cooked them over the fire. They were delicious. Steve had never had them before and he said he really, really liked them.

Then he got out his popcorn popper and we cooked several batches of popcorn over the fire. It had been a long time since I had eaten popcorn fixed this way. We then made more coffee and drank that while we enjoyed the night air and the fire.

We finally topped the night off by roasting some marshmallows. What a beautiful day, and a wonderful start to the bow festival. We listened to the night sounds (someone snoring) as we drifted off to sleep, which didn’t take us too long to do.

The next morning we got up and got the fire going again and then started on breakfast. It was a cold morning for most of the campers, but not for us seasoned hunters/campers. We cooked up a batch of bacon, scrambled eggs, corned beef hash and coffee and I know it was tempting to all of the other campers; especially to the couple next to us who were eating granola bars. We packed up all of our stuff and headed to the festival.

When we arrived at the festival we noticed that most everyone was carrying a bow. There were all types of bows there; compounds, recurves, and long bows. And it was not just the adults who were carrying them. There were plenty of little guys and gals carrying them too. They usually were walking right behind mom or dad, and they looked like they were ready to take a trophy. We really enjoyed our time at the festival walking around and looking at the different displays. They had all sorts of things there to do, see, and purchase. If you needed hunting clothes they had them. Looking for a bow or arrows, they had those too. If you go and take your bow with you then you can enter into a few competitions. They have plenty of targets there to shoot at. We saw bears, coyotes, deer, boars, ducks, and rabbits. Some of the targets are moving targets, which are a blast to watch everyone shoot at. These targets are on little train tracks and they run back and forth while everyone shoots at them. I was surprised to see so many people shooting at and hitting the flying ducks that just spun around, and around.

Shooting stationary targets

We were getting kind of hungry so we headed over to the food booth. My friend told me that the only place to eat was the chicken booth. They serve a half of chicken with all the trimmings.

It was really finger licking good. After lunch we walked around some more and bought just a few items. We decided we had seen enough so we headed home. This was a great trip and very exciting watching all of the people shoot their bows. If you get the chance check it out the weekend of September 13, 14, and 15. It will be a great time and you'll be glad you went. There are even a number of caches located nearby so you could shoot two birds with one arrow. So take your bow and your GPS, and have a grand time.


Dodger said...

I know a couple of other folks that attended the festival, and I appreciate you writing about it. As for me, archery is a relatively new hobby. I shoot a compound bow, and I shoot it all year round. I even have a range set up in my basement so I can shoot at night or if the weather is bad. It's a great deal of fun, and I consider bow shooting an excellent mental and physical skill. It's a sport I want my two young daughters to try when they get a little bit older.

Thanks for posting that video. A LOT of arrows missed the vitals. It definitely is a good demonstration on why you should think twice before shooting at a moving target.

Great article!


Well Big Al, its articles like this that remind me why I'm glad you’re on our blog team! Love the description of the food. Man, I could actually smell that bacon and coffee! You guys sure eat like kings; I myself go for a lighter fair but, good for you! Enjoy it while you can, right?
I also enjoyed the pics and the video was funny to me. I am not an archer myself but, I do have a true admiration for the sport.
Now, the suspense is killing me to find out what the hell those bugs were? I can't imagine so I'll be looking forward to the next post!
Keep up the great work and thanks!

DctrSpott said...

Very cool, I encountered some bow hunters out here at the start of the season over the weekend. When is bow season back in PA?

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