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Monday, September 23, 2013

A Geocache Owners Ultimate Reward

by: Bloodhounded
Notes from the author: I consider myself a geocache hider who also likes to seek. I know that might seem a little strange however, that's my thing. Making a cool container, hiding the geocache, making an awesome cache page and watching to see who comes to find it is a thrill to me. But, it's  not all rainbows and lolly pops having 27 hides in the field. There are many let downs that are inherited to keeping them maintained. One great log and it's all worth it.

I was doing some yard work when my phone lit up with an email from a cacher who informed me that my final was missing from a popular cache of mine. I sent him back the exact location and he confirmed it was searched and not there. That evening another email, much like the first but, this time it was the flood waters that took their toll. I temporarily archived both caches and suddenly a GC notification came in with the cacher claiming the find but, the log was wet and needed to be replaced! Man, WTF! Out of my frustration I thought to myself, I'm done with hiding, I'm adopting them all out, I don't have time for this $hit, WTF, no more caches, that's it! I logged off, called it a night and stomped off to bed like a five year old who's Lego empire just collapsed.

That night I had dreams of smashed caches, wet logs and cache maintenance that I couldn't possibly complete myself! They all would have to go, they all would have to go, they all would have to go, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
I woke up and decided that I would get them back in shape one cache at a time. Relax.....

Feeling kinda lousy about the whole thing it was ironic that a picture was tagged to our facebook page that day. It appeared that my friend Steve (aka ebjazzz) was in the field and sent a picture of one of the wooden coin stages to GC32W2E, The Salty Dog, my newest caches. He went on to say that he wanted to do the stages and get the coords to the final. It was his daughters 10th birthday and all she wanted to do was go geocaching (now that's a kid after my own heart) and since it was hunting season, he would print out the treasure map from the cache page link and do the final from the map. I just smiled because when I made the map, I always imagined some kids using it to find real treasure. Sure enough my dream came true.

Yesterday, the log on came up and reviled Morgan's birthday geocache treasure hunt with many smiles and some quality Daughter/Daddy time. I made that happen, I thought. My cache brought these guys together to enjoy a day afield and made a memory that will last forever in their hearts. Seeing the light in their eyes, the smiles on their faces and the time and detail put into the log (not to mention another favorite point) made my heart feel good too and I smiled.


Morgan and Bradley show the treasure map

Captain Dad helps decode the word lock

Bradley and Morgan explore the BOOTY

ARRRRRR, nice log book

Signing the log

Captain Ebjazzz shows the documents

Locking up the "DOG"

And she's ready for hiding for another treasure hunter on another day

Somehow, someway, this single log rekindled the geocache hider inside me and made all the bad feelings go away.

Found it Found it

Best. Final. Ever! I was saving this for a special occasion - was gonna make it my 200th but I got carried away and nearly hit that without noticing. Instead I opted to make it the finale on a day of caching for my daughters 10th birthday (its all she wanted to do). After your recommendation to avoid this place on Saturdays, I had to figure out a way to get her here. I figured I'd do the first four stages on my own during the week and then find the final with them,(HERE COMES THE SPOILER - I WARN YOU - STOP READING!) which would bypass us having to enter the sanctuary. I printed a copy of your map with an "X" marking the final and out we headed. This was the 9th find (out of 10 tries with one DNF) of the day which included a FTF as well as some visits back to a couple I had already logged but she hadn't seen. She found it fairly quickly when we arrived aT GZ and she was even able to decode the lock after I threw her a few clues (I wasn't just going to give her the combination). Needless to say her and Bradley (My Best Friends son who was along for the day) were wide eyed when they opened her up - BOOTY GALORE! She took a dream catcher, he grabbed some "jewels" (5 year olds are amazed by shiny smooth rocks), and I took a micro container I will use in a future cache. We dropped a "mario" mustache, a dollhouse pillow, a dog tag keychajn, and a voojo pirates computer game. An awesome cache worthy of a favorite point - and a real shame the winter is going to lay her to rest. TFT AWESOME C!

Happy Birthday Morgan! I hope you enjoyed your adventure.....


BigAl said...

Nice. What a day to remember. It's nice to hear about father daughter times like this. Way to go Ebjazz. And to you BH, a big Congrats on bringing another quality cache to the caching community. I knew you could do it. When you have a bad day go back and reread this post and realize that you brought laughter and joy into some lives and it was all due to a wonderful cache. Keep it up.

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

I'm not cachecrazy about cache maintenance either, but logs like that make it all worth it. This looks like such a cool cache to do. I hope to get out there some time.

ebjazzz said...

Thanks for the fun times and the good memories - Morgan and Bradley (I wont lie - and me too) had a blast. It was certainly a great way to finish an awesome day - we even planted a cache of our own with Dave's permission (which I have to go move a bit - it appears we placed it a bit too close to one of your stages). There is nothing like the excitement of the find - and watching the kids' eyes light up when they find a loaded cache - which the dog absolutely is. GREAT CACHE KEVIN! TFTM.


I'll keep putting them out, if you guys keep coming to find them.

The benefit of living only a short distance from this cache makes cache maintenance simple. So, I figured I would make it a beauty. It's truly a "treasure hunt" for kids of all ages. I loved to write this post and thank you ebjazz for all the great encouragement and pictures. In essence, this is a guest blog post from you, all I did was put it together. Thanks!

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