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Saturday, August 24, 2013

TB Hotels or TB Graveyards ~ Guest Post By ~ tufelhundin ~

So I made it out to a distant cache during lunch today.
RT66 Amboy TB Tollbooth popped up as the new temporary home for a TB that I had been watching for awhile. I wanted to go and see this one, to discover it and hold it in my hand. It had a lot of simple life appeal for me. The Filipino Nipa Hut TB. I was dying to see it. When the notification hit my phone on Thursday night, I was determined. I set out a few minutes early for lunch and hit the road. Luckily I was in my wife's fuel efficient Honda to make the trip north on Amboy Road, in Morongo Basin, vice my fuel hungry GeoWagon - Ford F150 4x4. The drive may have been desolate, but it was beautiful. I had full bars for the whole drive. I had scanned the cache page and realized there were almost 14 TBs listed there. Wow! The cache popped up with 27 favorite score. I felt I was going to be in for a treat.

I passed the Mojave Salt Flats. What an amazing sight. I know that I was passing caches left and right, but I was pressed for time and was single-minded in my search for this one trackable. As I approached I saw the Amboy Crater, a dormant cinder cone that has poured forth lava. I had a couple of trackables in hand to do a swap, but once I arrived, I realized that the Amboy TB Tollbooth was more of a River Styx to the TB graveyard. I texted a cache buddy to let him know I had found the prize, but also that there had been a lot of MIA bugs lost here. He and I agreed to rescue them from this cache. So I grabbed the two, SL (signed the log) and I was off to get back to work.
I made the drive back without incident, but I thought about the other TBs for a bit and decided to do something in an effort to cleanup the sad situation I had just found. I began looking up each TB owner through my Android smartphone. I use the c:geo opensource app for geocaching. I found each one and cut and pasted a well drafted email about the situation. I explained we wanted to clean up the caches in the local area to make sure they represented what was actually on the ground and asked if they would mark them as missing, for the time being. If they popped their heads up again someday, then they'd be racking up miles again. I hope it works. I sent out about 10 or 12 of them.

I think local geocaching groups can easily work to communicate with TB owners to keep the radar clear of MIAs. I'm sad to have had to email them. I hope I don't ever lose one. I have yet to deploy. I am still fairly young in the sport, but soon. I hope any Morongo Basin geocachers that read this blog will look up our blog also and join in. Thanks for letting me share.

As George W. Bush would say, "Let's cache!"
~tufelhundin~ Guest Author & geoblogger
illegitimis non carborundum

Visit GZ Marks the Spot: Morongo Basin Geocaching Society


Dave DeBaeremaeker said...

The problem with TBs is that not everyone respects them, and not all cache owners consider them as a part of their maintenance.

I am curious, is the cache in question for this TB "distant" from everyone due to a remote location, or distant to you because of where you live? I only ask as I don't like dopping TBs off at really remote or difficult caches as they do not get as many visitors, and therefore limit the chances of the TB being moved on.

NIcely written article. Thanks!

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

Sadly I don't send TB's out into the world anymore. Most of mine have gone MIA. I have a few still traveling around and I watch them and hope they continue on. Nice post!

tufelhundin said...

It is both. It is pretty remote, out near the old Route 66. But it was also a drive for me. It is a beautiful area. I am glad the hut TB drug me out there. ;-)

And thanks, this is my first piece posted elsewhere.


You my friend tufelhundin, are welcome to post anytime here at CacheCrazy.Com

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