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Thursday, August 15, 2013




Welcome to Thirsty Thursday.
Grab a cup of coffee or tea, sit back and learn about seed caches.

On the trip home with my son from TX to PA we came upon a cache that was a large 5 gallon bucket. It is called  USCGC NORTHWIND-OLD SEA BUDDY  It had all sorts of neat stuff in it, but it also contained a number of cache containers. These were empty containers that the CO called SEED containers. He also asked that if you did hide one of them to then place a note back on the cache page to let him know you did it.  I decided to take one of the medium size containers and use it sometime in the future for a cache.

As I thought about this idea I realized it is a really neat way to get folks to hide more caches. I think I'll have to consider placing some seed caches into some of my caches once I start hiding large ones like he did.

Read along now as I show you how I turned this plastic container into a quality cache that has already received 3 favorites with only 6 "Found it" logs. Be warned, there are some spoilers here, but it's my cache and I think it is fine. Especially since it's already been found.

Here is the plastic container that I pulled out of the large cache. It seems to be a miracle whip container or something similar. I removed the lid and painted the outside of the container so it looks like this,

I then filled it with all of my cool swag and set it aside.

Next I focused on the lid. I took the blue lid and glued it to a spare lid I had from an old shop vac.

This is how it looks up to now.

Then I drilled some holes in the top of this lid to allow any water that would collect in there to drain out.

Next I covered the top lid with different types of moss, twigs, lichen, and leaves. I even put some little twirly gigs on top. This would allow it to look as if it had been out there for some time. So far this is what the final cache container looks like.

Do you see the container?

Now I must focus on stage one of this multi-cache. I decided to choose something very unique for stage one.

This is a plastic Dove Decoy I picked up at Walmart.

I took the dove and added the co-ordinates to the underside of the tail and then took it out in the woods and hid it. I really liked how it came out and I knew it would not be noticeable to any muggles who just happened to walk by.

This is stage one of the multi-cache. It is off of the trail and hard to see unless you start getting close to GZ.

Once I had him placed this cache was ready to be published. I went back to my house and checked the submit button for the reviewer and sent it off. It didn't take long for it to be published and for folks to start finding it. This is just one way you can make a quality cache container out of an old plastic jar.

I would like to say thank you to the CO who came up with this idea of seed caches. I can't wait to start placing some in my caches too for others to use. Happy Caching.


Dan "Knee-High" Campbell said...

That is one of the coolest looking cache containers I have ever seen! Great idea! I also like the seed cache idea too, I wonder if it'll take off.

Dan "Knee-High" Campbell said...

That is one of the coolest looking cache containers I have ever seen! Great idea! I also like the seed cache idea too, I wonder if it'll take off.

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

Great cache idea and I love the dove!


GREAT "DIY" post and using "seed cache" as it was intended! Way to go Big Al! Thanks for sharing with us......

Debbie said...

great camo job!

ebjazzz said...

Make that 4 favorites! Didn't realize I never faved it until checking back tonight - this was an awesome hide made even better because it took me to an area I wasn't aware of - always my favorite thing about caching. Thanks (again) for an awesome cache!

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