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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Photo Caching in San Francisco

A post by: George aka ggggeo2
Recently, I had an opportunity to go to San Francisco for the week for a cloud conference (Dreamforce 2012.) I was pretty busy attending seminars and keynote sessions most of the week, but before the conference and between sessions I found a little bit of time to do some geocaching. Now, I'm used to the more rural and suburban types of hides here in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, but it's fun to mix it up now and then and do some ultra-urban caching.

This is the view from my flight out. I had a window seat (yay) but it was, of course, right over the wing (doh!) This is the mountain-y area just east of San Francisco airport, the last 20 minutes or so of a 6-hour flight.

My delicious breakfast at the Sofitel Hotel in Redwood Shores, CA. The rumor is that this plate started with not one, but three croissants made by the in-house pastry chef; I can neither confirm nor deny those rumors. I can say that I needed the energy for the 6.5 mile geocaching walk I did before 9:00am that day, finding 10 geocaches in Silicon Valley, right around the Oracle campus. I discovered lots of interesting puzzles around here, many of which I solved while still back in Pennsylvania and made the find while here.

This was a little watery underpass for ducks (and other wildlife, I presume) just south of Ventana Del Mar. These ducks were swimming toward it almost in battle-ready formation, but they passed under where I was walking (whew!)

This cache, Whole Lot of Shakin', is a virtual right on the grounds adjacent to the Moscone Center where the conference was held. I passed by it several times during the week, but I logged it the first day, of course.

I got to see San Francisco's City Hall lit up at night during the Red Hot Chili Pepper concert I went to (it was part of the conference.) Had a lot of fun and it was cool seeing this and other surrounding buildings lit up for the event.

Another day, I had some time between sessions, so I took a little geocaching break. I hit this virtual cache and three others. That makes five virtuals within one mile! San Francisco is really packed with caches! (I'm not listing the name/code on this one as the picture may contain spoilers.)

Another virtual cache nearby, Waateekaa. Too bad my son wasn't with me for this one, he loves trains!

Just some streetcar pictures I took mostly for my son who loves trains of all sorts (did I mention that?) The middle picture is a scale model at a little railroad museum I found near the bay.

This one isn't a virtual cache, just a cool rocket ship sculpture I stumbled across while out on my walk. It's still pretty cool even though I didn't get a smiley just for seeing it ;)

Nope, not the Golden Gate Bridge; that's a little further north than where I was. This is the bay bridge and it's almost as big as the Golden Gate. Truly a feat of modern engineering!

This virtual is a life-sized sculpture of famed peace-maker Mohandas Gandhi. It stands in the middle of a parking lot near a ferry terminal.

Yet another virtual cache, just south of the Gandhi statue. It is a giant bow and arrow sculpture, probably 50-60 feet tall. Somewhere, a giant archer is looking for this, I bet.

A view of San Francisco from right near the giant bow and arrow sculpture.

This actually has little to do with caching, but from GZ on Napping at the Salt House I could see a giant pit being dug. It turns out that they are building a new train station, but looks like they are just getting started on it. This poster above is an artist's rendition of "after" and the two photos below it are the "before" shots, I guess. I made sure to snap some pictures for my son who LOVES trains (can't remember if I've brought that up...)

These three guys are sculptures that help you find The Pixel People's Predicament. My wife was a little freaked out when she saw these get automatically uploaded to our computer back in Pennsylvania and wondered what on earth I was doing. Then realized it was probably something geocaching related. The colorful bunch in the bottom picture are presumably the Pixel People. The cache was a block or two away, but I was able to find it with the directions on the cache page.

Almost time to go back home (yay!), this is the BART train that took me from my hotel in San Francisco back to the airport. The trains there were surprisingly clean and pleasant to ride on. My son wanted to know if I had taken pictures of the inside but unfortunately, it did not occur to me. (He LOVES trains, you know.)

My final view of San Francisco area from the plane home. Yes, I was in the window seat again. And yes, I managed to get the wing seat again. I think it was the exact same seat number. But I was very excited to get back to Pennsylvania to see my family and friends, and I brought back some great caching ideas to try in this area from my new caching friends on the west coast.



WOW! Super tour of the city and many of it's attractions. San Fran is beautiful and people are so nice on the west coast. Thanks for the great photo post George!

Heather Cook (Lady-Magpie) said...

Great trip and blog, as someone living on the other side of the Great Pond, it's nice to see geocaching in a big American city. I much prefer my rural areas, all cows and sheep. I bet your son was pretty CHUFFED with all the train pictures, you did say he liked trains, didn't you. Good blog George, thanks.

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