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Friday, August 23, 2013

Holding Out For A Hero

I'm usually the first one to defend whichever someone I am talking to is cutting down.  It's traditionally the same dissenting opinion:  pro athletes are a bunch of rich, spoiled crybabies who don't deserve whatever it is they get paid, and in the process, rip off the average sports fan who practically needs to sell of their first-born to go watch them play.  The contracts get bigger and bigger, the players and owners get richer and richer, and ticket prices climb higher and higher.  I understand all of that, and I don't disagree with those who use this as a basis for disliking any given sport.  My stance is that as long as we have a longing for competition in this country, coupled with a free-market society, coupled with an economic model of supply and demand, it's going to exist.  Perhaps they're "overpaid", but we show, time and again, our willingness to "overpay" them, not only at the stadium or arena, but by supporting their advertisers and buying whatever merchandise they're willing to shill.  That "officially licensed" diaper bag you spent $50 on goes to paying your backup punter's contract.

These days, however, it's difficult defending the American sports athlete.  From baseball, to football and hockey.  Heck, if you want to see what's wrong with American sports, look at cycling.  It's central figure was exposed as a cheat and a liar.  Not that I follow cycling, but the whole Lance Armstrong debacle would not entice me to start.    Baseball seems to have a new scandal every week.  PED's are the bane of the sport, and it's going to get worse before it gets better.  Again, as with cycling, the player who is, arguably, one of the best in the game, is once again in the middle of a controversy.  His team doesn't want him.  He's not crazy about his team, either, but A-Rod will continue getting checks from the Yankees because no one else will want to deal with that mess.  They could release him, and he could sue in court for what they owe him.  Unfortunately, there is no precedent for that, and although I'd love to see that happen, it probably won't.  As long as the NFL can sell out games every week, no real progress is going to be made in an issue which WILL ultimately change the landscape of American Football as we know it- concussions.  You know there's a problem when the President of the United States admits he wouldn't let his child play football.  I don't blame him, I wouldn't let mine, either.  Football is a cheating scandal away from going the way of boxing.  Speaking of boxing, who's the heavyweight champion of the world?  Yeah, me neither.  The NHL lockout did damage which is going to require years of repair before things get back to normal.  (See MLB circa 1994).

No random drug test needed.

Throw in invisible girlfriends, deer antler spray, horse ointment and Metta World Peace, and you can probably relate to my reluctance to throw my support behind the athletes and teams I used to love
so much.  Yes, I will probably root for the Yankees in 2013, and the New York Giants, come the fall.  But, it's not the same anymore.  My sports are in a state of disarray, and I'm quickly losing my patience with them.

This state of mind got me thinking-is there an opening for a sport/game/hobby, such as geocaching or Munzee, to find its niche with the American public?  Now, I don't mean to get the whole "geocaching will be ruined if it goes mainstream" argument here, but perhaps it should be, at least, brought to the table.  I don't envision geocaching leagues (cool thought though), nor do I think anyone would EVER pay to watch people go caching.  I think there's an opportunity to present our geocaching, or some activity or sport where the Everyman is the focal point.  I know I'm not the only out there who listens to podcasts on geocaching, or YouTube broadcasts.  I don't think we'd ever see mainstream, as I'm confident memberships would plateau out somewhere before saturation issues became uncontrollable.

This is our playing field!

Last, but not least, geocaching needs a  "face of the sport".  Do we really have one?  No, I'm not talking about Signal.  (See, it is a sport-sports have mascots!)  I'm holding out for a hero.  A geocaching hero.  Someone who is honest, on the level, and has no problem stepping up and being the face of geocaching.

One last thing- I would pay for the luxury of sitting in the comfort of my living room while watching the most seasoned geocachers stumble over a puzzle on a puzzle cache, or wander in circles at a baseball field, hopelessly trying to find an evil hide. In HD.  Charge me $9.99 for two hours of that.  I'd go for it.


Big_Dog1970 said...

I don't know Dave.
I can't imagine watching geocaching on TV. To me that wold be kinda like watching golf, or bowling. Both are fun to play, but boring as heck to watch.

No I would much rather be one of the crazy fools out there walking in circles looking for that elusive cache.

Cache Ya Later

BigAl said...

How true Dave. You're right. We do need a face of Geocaching. Who might that person be. Could it be YOU (finger pointing to the reader)?

Dodger said...

I don't know, I think a face-of-geocaching is the last thing we need. I like the anonymity of the whole thing. I play the game with people that play the game similar to the way I do and try to ignore those that don't.

There ARE more cheater geocachers, though. I've seen it a lot the past year - bogus logs, bogus Found-Its, what appear to be bogus user IDs... It's a CO's responsibility to ensure the game doesn't get watered-down. Delete bogus logs. I do.

Ann said...

it is the same over this side of the pond re the large amounts footballers are paid, ridiculous if you ask me. Half the time the money goes to their heads!

I don't think I could sit and watch geocaching hunts on the tv or the likes. only because I would be wanting to be out there with them or shouting at them to look behind/under the tree/bush/rock. It is ages since I have been out geaoching but then I tend to drag hubby kicking and screaming in the autumn/winter when there are no B&B guests staying with us. Can you tell hubby isn't a geocacher! Hopefully I will out caching with a friend when we meet up in York later in the year, she was the one who got me into geoaching.

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