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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Geocachers: The Next Generation

Do you ever wonder who will carry on your legacy when your mission is complete? Wonder no more, for today is the day we must begin preparing the next generation of Geocachers.

Team Firenze, ggggeo2, Geo-Ben and microcachers
Team Firenze, ggggeo2, Geo-Ben and some of our microcachers

Recently, my family and I were visiting our geo-friends Geo-Ben and family. While I was taking a look at their computer (which was under the weather at the time,) Geo-Ben brought out a table and several bins of supplies for the kids to make their own geocaches. He had one bin with all kinds of swag, another bin with all kinds of duck tape in different colors and patterns and other decorations, and a bunch of different containers to choose from.

Bucket O Swag
Bucket of Swag (this is the “after” picture)

Bucket O Decorations
Bucket of Tape (Don’t worry, he had leopard print, too)

Each of the kids picked a container, decorated it with tape and stickers, filled it with swag, added a log, and was good to go! Then they all repeated the process and made a second container. For the next 45 minutes or so, the kids all ran around Geo-Ben's house hiding and finding each other's geocaches. A great time was had by all!

Geo-Ben Finishes Up
Geo-Ben helps a microcacher finish a cache

MicroCacher1's Finished Cache
Microcacher 1's finished cache container

The Tenney and Naska Children with Their Geocaches #2
The microcachers and their finished caches

And that was it! Wait, no, we still had to actually *hide* the containers. (I secretly suspect that Geo-Ben mostly did this to help extend his caching streak, but don't tell anyone.) So, the next weekend I took my two older microcachers out around town and we hid our geocaches. I decided to go with a Star Trek: The Next Generation theme, and the results can be found here:
GC:TNG Microcacher 1-1
GC:TNG Microcacher 1-2
GC:TNG Microcacher 2-1
GC:TNG Microcacher 2-2

Microcacher 1 Makes the Hide
Microcacher 1's first hide

Microcacher 1's Hide
Closeup of the hide (it was covered with another rock)

Microcacher 2 Makes the Hide
Microcacher 2's first cache

Microcacher 2's Hide
Microcacher 2 making the hide

After that it was a week or two of ups and downs. I would read the logs to the kids each day for their caches, and they liked hearing about people finding it. But soon, disaster! Two of the containers soon went missing. We then had our first lesson in cache maintenance, and used the opportunity to make the hides a little better (less muggle-able.)

So that's it, then right? Not so fast! Our local caching group, SEPAG (SouthEastern PennsylvaniA Geocachers) had their annual event recently, SEPAG Storms the Castle X. The "Castle" piece of this is a very large playground structure only several hundred feet from the pavilion where the event is held. However, this year, the castle in under renovation and so closed to playful microcachers. So, what to do? Geo-Ben had a great idea. He showed up carting a folding table and his bins of swag, decorations, and containers, and put up a sign that said "Free Cache Container Creation for Kids" (though he wasn't super-enforcing of this kids-only policy.)

GeoWotWot Makes a Cache
Geo Wot Wot assembling a cache

Firenze Jr Makes a Cache
Firenze Jr. (and Mrs. Firenze) assemble their cache

FirenzeJr's Cache
Firenze Jr.'s cache container (Go Eagles!)

Kids Cache Creation Table at SEPAG Storms the Castle
Cache making: Serious Business!

Microcachers' Creations at SEPAG Storms the Castle
Some of the caches made at SEPAG Storms the Castle X

Again, this bout of cache making was soon followed by tons of microcachers running around hiding and finding caches. As you can see, everyone had a great time and hopefully a few new local caches will soon pop up (though again, I suspect this is Geo-Ben's true motivation ;) ).

So get out there and pass the torch! Get your microcachers involved with creating and hiding caches, keeping them updated on finds, and including them on cache maintenance. It's fun for the whole family!


Kevin Bloodhounded said...

This is your BEST work to date brother! NICE post!

CrazyCris said...

This is VERY cool!!! And those caches are so shiny and awesome I'm not surprised any muggles who find them would want to take them home! ;)

Thanks to this crazy August Geocaching frenzy I've finally hooked up with some local geocachers in my area and they've told me (and showed me!) how much easier geocaching is with kids around. They're the perfect camouflage or distraction act to get that not so difficult to find cache which just happens to be in a place full of muggles! :p

Great post! And I love the TNG theme! :D

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