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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Don't Let Summer Get Away

Grab your fishing rod, fire up the grill and don't let the last few weeks of summer get away! Join me for some fun in the sun with a weekly special for the next few weeks before we get ready for one of the most beautiful times of the the year, fall. But, the leaves haven't changed yet and there are plenty of warm days ahead. I'm not letting summer go without a fight! Join me in the fun and games and some good eats too.......

Welcome to the CacheCrazy.Com Summer Time Fun online magazine. 

  • ·         Have a first aid kit at all times
Stock it up for summer and look for kid-tough bandages that will stay put even when they're wet. Antibiotic ointment, eye wash, tweezers and ace bandages are also a must have.

  • ·         First aid training 
Some community centers and schools offer basic first aid training for school-aged kids with tips on fire safety and prevention, general first aid and administering CPR (older children). You should also know the basics of splinting, how to perform the Heimlich maneuver and how to stop or reduce bleeding. 

  • ·         Bug repellent 
It's this simple--if you don't get bit, you won't itch! Look for DEET-free products to keep biting bugs away. Try Swy Flotter from Kiss My Face. Or, if DEET free isn’t your concern, go with the highest level available (but don’t get it in your eyes, ouch!).

  • ·         EpiPen
This little pen can be a lifesaver if you have family members who have severe reactions to bee stings or have allergies to foods, like peanuts and egg. A good stand by to the pen is Benadryl. Never leave home without it.

  • ·         Sunscreen
Look for waterproof and sweat-proof UVA/UVB sunblocks for your kids to take with them to camp, or for spending a day at the beach or local pool. You are never too old for sunscreen and it may save you from a sleepless night.

  • ·         Drink lots of water

Dehydration can take you down quick, cause a headache in kids and over an extended period of time, lead to death. Keep flavor pouches with you to add to bottled water, the kids will be asking for it and please give it freely.
  • ·         Heat stroke

It can hit you fast, one minute your are just damn hot and the next your on your way to the hospital. Stay in the shade when you can and if there is a heat index warning, stay indoors. That geocache can wait for another day.


Some scenes from a recent fishing trip of two die hard fisher women.
Well it's not exactly a whopper...
Phoon casting
To Andie, it's a trophy 
Reaching in for more than fish
Cleaning up after others seems to be part of the day, everyday.....

We didn't catch a lot of fish but we sure did have a lot of fun!

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The World Famous Chicago Style Hotdog!
Click here for an instructional video
You don't have to be in Chicago to have one but you will need a connection to get the poppy seed hotdog buns, I have mine. At first I thought it sounded gross until I took a bite and it has been "love" ever since. Make one for yourself or surprise your friends with some. 

Have fun and don't let the summer get away from you!


Kim@Snug Harbor said...

LOL - Loved the phooning picture!!! And for those Chicago style hotdogs, don't forget a dash of CELERY salt -it's a must have!!!

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