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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Why Not Wednesday ~ Dear Prudence, Can you help "My Friend"

"My friend" has this problem and I was hoping that maybe some of you senior cachers or an enthusiastic cacher could help him? Here is "my friends" letter that I told him I would post for advice.

Dear Prudence,

I am hiding my identity to protect myself from negative judgment or unfair ridicule.

I love geocaching, I can still say that even after not logging a find for nearly 60 days! I’m in a slump, what happened? I’ve had dry spells before but none as long, and to make it worse, I really don’t have plans to go caching anytime soon!   I suck….

Oh sure, I could blame a lot of things like; my company being sooooo busy (thank God), the kids theater  schedules, broken well pump, messy garage that needs cleaning, blog upkeep, new job and a hundred other things but, when it all comes right down to it, I think I’m getting lazy. Yes, you heard me, I’m “too tired” to GO! TOO TIRED TO GO?
Does this sound like a strong relationship that has lasting power to you?

Why I remember when I would wake up two hours early and try to get that FTF or,  just a few before the office on summer mornings. It was beautiful, 5:30AM, sunrise, just me and my new love, Geocaching! How about that 4/4 cache I did with little concern of the time, terrain and/or the effort needed to get that smiley. I NEEDED IT and wanted it every day! I was running on sheer enthusiasm!

Not today!

Today, I’m tending to ducks and cooking on the weekends, commodity politics and empowering people who feed over 700,000 kids lunch every day of the week, keeping a wood fire burning on those cool Pocono Mountain summer mornings and just, generally putzing around the house fixing this and that. And, I’m ok with ALL OF that! I’m actually HAPPY! And without Geocaching in my life! How can this be possible?!?!?

What’s happening to me? I know that some of you folks who have been caching for a long time can relate, or can you? Am I losing the desire or am I just settling into Geocaching and my relationship with it? I could see where some folks might get away from it for awhile, and then never come back! Is that my fate eventually? Or, will I get this burst of refreshing caching enthusiasm, my juices will start to flow again and I’ll meet the day with GPS in hand, throwing all caution to the wind and yell….GEOOOOOO0000000oooooooo? Is it like “writers block” where for weeks you “got nothing” and then all of a sudden, out of nowhere, you have so much to write about? Or, should I just ARCHIVE my feelings right now and be done with it?

PLEASE HELP! I'm looking for any suggestions.....before it's too late.

Signed: In a slump somewhere in the POCONOS


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