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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Rock and Art

This weekend was a busy one.  Yesterday my husband and I traveled to Ellsworth for my grandparents' 50th wedding anniversary party.  We celebrated at Jasper's Restaurant, my grandparents' favorite.  It was nice to see all of our family and friends gathered together in one place socializing.  
While my husband drove toward home, I changed from my dress clothes into an outfit more suitable for geocaching.  We made a stop at the Rock and Art store located just outside of Ellsworth.  The store was closed but I was lucky enough to meet one of the owners recently and was excited to hear that she is bringing her work to Downtown Bangor.  Outside of the store is the entrance to a nature trail. 

My hubby sat in the car geohovering, a term he and his uncle would like to coin.  It's similar to what men do while their wives go shopping.  As I entered the nature trail, a gentlemen asked me if I was there geocaching.  I was surprised but said yes and asked if he was doing the same.  He explained that he was out planting trees.  He chatted with me as I looked for the container and seemed happy to watch as I looked under and behind anything as I sought the treasure. 

I was distracted momentarily from looking for the actual geocache because of the interesting surroundings.  There were some very interesting mini art exhibits to admire and take pictures of.  The Rock and Art website explains that these are temporary exhibits made by local artists and will change periodically throughout the summer.  My favorite display was the unique chess pieces lined up like soldiers surrounding a metal chair. 

After finishing my shutterbug duties, I quickly found the cache.  The man asked if I could contact the owner of the geocache as he noticed how wet the log was and that the container was a bit damaged.  I noted these things in my log and hopefully the owner will get a chance to perform some maintenance here.  I would love to see this geocache be a long lasting one. 

Luckily, this geocache is located on the route I travel to visit my family.  I plan on stopping in here over the summer to check out what will no doubt be more interesting exhibits.  The store is easy to get to and is on a busy route that runs between Bangor and Ellsworth.  I hope you can stop by and enjoy the show!


This post was written by Jenny from her personal blog, Jenny Goes Geocaching. Stop by and check out some of her adventures for yourself. Jenny is a regular contributor here at CacheCrazy.Com.
Thank you!


Kim@Snug Harbor said...

That looks like a fun geocache to do.

Naida said...

Sounds like a nice adventure!

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