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Monday, July 1, 2013

A letter from Bloodhounded at CacheCrazy.Com

Greetings CacheCrazy.Com TEAM members and readers!

It’s early summer and the air is full of birds and bees busy making a proper nest! There is no time for fooling around, and soon new life will be introduced to this place we call Earth. It is what it is and we made it that way but, it’s still a pretty cool place. It’s all part of the geocycle. We humans follow that cycle too. I don’t know about you guys but, I have been very busy building my nest these past
few months. My company took a major shift towards safety/training and development. They committed a few hundred thousand dollars to the efforts in budgets well out to 2016. I was offered a regional position overseeing east coast safety initiatives and accepted the Human Resource/Safety Manager position and responsibilities. I feel very fortunate.

Home base – Beautiful Scranton, PA (well, actually the Moosic/Montage area)! Home of the famed show “The Office”, abundant with railroad history, a coal cracking community of Irish Catholics and alcoholics abound at the St Patrick’s Day Parade! It really is a great place with a ski resort vista, the Malls at Montage and only 40 minutes from the house! From the Mohegan Sun Casino to cow flop bingo and everything in between, these are my kind of folks.

That's Dodger on the right, Liz and the baby
my son Mike served and Father John.
So, needless to say, I've been real busy in transition!

Congratulations to Dodger and his wife on their beautiful baby girl Valerie Margo! I attended the baptism today and I’m so happy for them! That’s three girls and wife! Time for a dog, a male one, lol!
God Bless you guys!

The blog has been very busy. I know a lot of our kinds of folks are outside all day and no time to be on the computer. BUT, in spite of it all, the blog hit some new heights in pageviews in June and I don’t know what spiked us but man for a few days there we were flying high! Like 7,000 pageveiws a day high! WTF!?!
What I’m trying to say is, thanks to you guys the quality of the blog is rocking! We have had some awesome articles this month! We crushed it when it came to variety and even though the geocycle took me for a ride, we still posted new material every day, business as usual, no interruptions! That shows the trend of a strong TEAM. So, TEAM, now I need your help!

I request that each of you outstanding authors who have blogs, diaries or writings, dig deep  into your archive. Find me three articles each and send me the links to them at I will then have a head start in scheduling and YOU will have an “authors selected special guest post”. Please help me out here guys. I am trying to manage my time as efficiently as possible. We can also look at pictures for Why Not Wednesday and stuff like that too. Fun stuff that just needs to be shared. Just email me the link or attach the pics and text, I’ll do the rest but, I always take so damn long to select from your sites because all your work is so damn good I can’t pick one quickly! THANK YOU!

Send with confidence, get a link back, and maybe even a cool badge for your own blog? This is truly our blog not mine. Together we have built something that has a life of its own, so live it! Share those stories of adventure, how to’s , DIY’s and Picture collections today.

I've also got some foster ducks that are keeping me on my toes. Say hello to Flip and Flop, my two Call Ducks that have come to stay at Camp Duck. And, I'm sure you'll be seeing more from these guys, they are a boy and a girl, isn't that nice......


Kim@Snug Harbor said...

Congrats on the job promo!

It's been a busy summer for us so far, but things should be winding down in about 2 weeks and I'll get back to geocaching and blogging on a more regular basis. I'll get some links to you tho.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the jobby job promotion & massive blog hits yo...that's awesome!! ;) And a new geocaching baby and ducklings...and soon-to-be new ducklings, hahahahah...yes!! Babies rock!!

Jamie :)

Erika Jean said...

Congrats on everything! Did you click around to see where your sources were coming from for the spike??

BigAl said...

Congratulations on everything; Dodger and Liz and their new baby, new ducks and as was already mentioned some more ducks. It's bound to happen. The stats are great. The articles are great, and the people are great. Keep it all coming. I too have been very busy. Two kids away for the summer; one counseling and the other working at the same camp. My daughter is working and I am working. Oh yeah, my wife is also working around the house. Whew, what a summer. Well we all hope to get out and cache sometime soon. Happy caching.

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