CacheCrazy.Com: Why Not Wednesday ~ Find the hidden items

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Why Not Wednesday ~ Find the hidden items

Can you find the hidden items?
HINT* click on the picture to open it in a new window and then adjust your zoom

BigAl's new geo sticker

Stargazing Steph's cache container sticker

DctrSpott's jar of "who know what"????

 Bloodhounded's geocoin and signature bone

Dodgers DLC Logo

For extra credit try to find BLOODHOUNDED's name

Find the geocache in plain sight if you can and sign the CacheCrazy.Com Log Book HERE

Have fun.....


Benizerith said...
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Benizerith said...

(I accidentally deleted my first post LOL)

Here's my solution:

How'd I do?


Congratulations on your FTF!!!!!!

Too funny! Thanks for searching and I hope you had fun! AND, its great to hear from you Beth, you rock! How about a guest blogger spot? Up to you....

Benizerith said...

My first FTF eva! LOL One of the benefits of staying up way too late. hehe

I was thinking about that, Kev... I've not been caching all that long, so I am by no means an expert... I just don't know what I would write about. I am all about the nature, and I can talk anyone under the table... LOL. Lemme think on it, and come up with something, and I'll get back to you. I would love to do it! :)

Thee Seekers said...

Think I found them all....what do I do now?

Thee Seekers


My good friends Thee Seekers! Welcome! I'm really happy to hear from you!
If you found all of them, now you reach back and pat yourself on the back! Good job! Sorry, we are low budget, lol! Come back often!

Harold said...

I think I got em all..

Kevin Bloodhounded said...

I love that each item to find is from the original 5 team members of CacheCrazy.Com! Man, that was a few years ago already! Were does the time go? I posted this so long ago, I had to re-find them, but I got'em. 67 folks signed the logbook! How about you? BH

CrazyCris said...

That was fun! How on earth did you think about that?

lol! I found your name before the coin, I thought it was the coin until I looked closer at the other stuff! You almost need a magnifying glass to find some of these even after clicking it bigger! :p

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