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Monday, June 3, 2013

Happy Trails

Yesterday was the first dry day in a series of wet ones so of course it was perfect to pick up some geocaches.  My friend Derek and I went down to where the P.A.L. Center used to be in Bangor.  It's well known by kids for its steep sledding hill.  Many injuries have occurred here!  It's also known for its walking trails.  You may see some wild life here; most likely creatures that live in the pond or birds.  Once I was lucky enough to spot a deer standing in the middle of the path. 
There were lots of folks walking their dogs or with their families.  Everyone seemed to be enjoying the blue skies and gentle breeze as much as we were.  Luckily we found the first cache without much muggle interference.  There were a few thorns guarding the spot but we made it through mostly unscathed.  Farther down the path on the same side of the trail sat another geocache.  Both of the containers and contents had recently been replaced and were ripe for the picking.  I came away with some nice treasures-a hot wheels ice pack and a pen in the shape of the Hulk. 
Essex Woods Trail #2

Geocache: 835 Feet From New Jersey

On our way out of the trees, a little boy approached and asked, "What did you see?"  He was with his mom, dad, and dog.  There weren't any flowers or animals so we just said, "Not much," and hoped it would satisfy his curiosity.  Instead, he followed us for nearly the entire way back asking us questions and directing our eyes to look at the ducks or at him as he carried a cat o' nine tails like he was leading a parade.  Finally his parents called him back and we said goodbye.  Maybe we had a chance to make a future geocacher that day but I doubt he would have stopped talking long enough to hear what we had to say :) 

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CrazyCris said...

Looks like a lovely place! But for a moment there I thought you were talking about Bangor... Wales! Until you mentioned seeing a deer... :p

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