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Kyo-Kat, Signal the Frog, and Big Al

As you all know I was able to go to GWS XI this year and it was lots of fun even though we had to park quite a ways away and then ride a bus to get to the actual event. I was a little disturbed that we missed the group photo due to how long we had to wait for the bus. Here's a shot of the line.

                        The line actually goes to the trees and beyond.

We did arrive at the event and we all got our registration bags and then signed the log. We had to stop along the way and write down some TBs to discover later on. If you're sneaky enough you might be able to discover them for yourself.

                         Craftimom signing the log book

                         Kyo-Kat signing the log book

                                  M.A.S.H Sign

                         Roman the Roaming Gnome

                        Giant TB (No the lady in the shorts is not part of the TB)

We began meeting lots of other cachers and hearing their stories. Teach N Tech are a very nice couple who are from PA and have been Geocaching since 2004. On June 20, 2006 after finding a cache in Alaska, they decided to set a goal of finding a cache in all 50 states. They completed that goal on May 24, 2013 while attending GWS XI in Lakeland, Florida. We thought it was really cool that they were from PA too.

                  TeachNTech from Southern Chester County, PA

For some reason I did not get any pictures of the vendors along the walk way. It was very hot out, but there were plenty of shade trees to stop underneath. After walking along the path and checking out the vendors we headed back to the main stage area to eat.

                        Food Tables

                        Lostnspace and Cacheking1998

As we were approaching the area we were going to eat in we met Lostnspace. He has also been caching since 2004. He is from Oak Ridge, TN and loves Earthcaches. He loves them so much that he has found over 250 of them. That's about 250 more than I have found. He loves caching in general and he also loves going to Geowoodstock events when he can. He's also the first person I met who has found a Project Ape Cache. After talking for a bit we headed our separate ways in search of other cachers and activities.

Tune in next week for more about the Lions, an Gators, an DeBaers, oh my!


CrazyCris said...

Sounds like a crazy yet awesome event! :o)

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