Thursday, June 20, 2013


I wanted to tell you a little bit about the park where Geowoodstock XI was held and some of the caches we found while there.

The park is called Circle B Bar Reserve, and it is in Lakeland, Florida.

Named after a cattle ranch that once existed on this property, Circle B Bar Reserve was jointly acquired by the Polk County Environmental Lands Program and the District to protect the floodplain of the lake and to restore the Banana Creek marsh system. The property is maintained by Polk County. Much of the property had previously been converted to pasture, but in 2005 and 2006, restoration projects were completed to restore much of the original hydrologic function of the lands. As a result of the marsh system restoration project, Circle B is now home to some of the most impressive bird activity on District property. The tremendous bird population includes a variety of wading birds, waterfowl, ospreys and bald eagles. Alligators inhabit Lake Hancock and may be observed at a distance from shore or from a pier. Oak hammock, freshwater marsh, hardwood swamp and the lakeshore are among the unique characteristics of this property.

Polk County Nature Discovery Center
In November 2008, construction of thePolk County Nature Discovery Centerwas completed. Managed by the Polk County Natural Resources Department, the center provides educational opportunities for Polk County public schools and is open to the public. There are exhibits in the center that display environmental and hydrologic functions of Florida’s natural resources. Nature trail, pavilion and information signs are available for public use on the grounds adjacent to the center.

Below is a map of the area. 

There are many caches located along the walking trails and most of them are not too far off of the trails making it a nice area to visit with your kids. 

My niece and her husband took their son and a friend along and here are a few caches we were able to find. 

                               Here is the first one we found: GCPBGY

                                We would not have been able to get this one if it were not for my niece's son. He was able to reach it without too much of a problem. 

We also found A Spidery Arch. This was another fun cache and the kids loved trading items they found. It was good to know that there were so many quality caches located here and they were very kid friendly. 

This cache was a little harder to find and it was a good thing I was along. It took ol' eagle eyes to find this one. My only wish was if we could have found more caches there, but you can only do so many with the time you have. Besides, the bus left before it was supposed to and we would have been stranded if it were not for my niece and her husband giving us a ride back to our car. I wasn't too happy about that. Oh well, maybe next year we'll be able to park near the event. 

                                Can you find all four of us in the picture? 

This was a hard job since some of the letters had blown over and we had to hold them up for the picture. After we got our pictures we held them in place until the next folks got up there for theirs, and so on. What a job. 

All in all this was a nice event and we had lots of fun. Next year GWS XII will be in Missouri with details to follow once they get things rolling. If you have never been to a mega event you really should try and get to one. Now who do we know in Missouri that we need to visit? 

Here's a disclaimer: The pictures above may not necessarily go with the caches listed. Hahahahaha.


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