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Saturday, June 29, 2013

The Best Of CacheCrazy.Com - Extreme Geocaching with Keoki_eme

Back when I first started geocaching I remember seeing a video on extreme caching and thought, "wow, those guys are nuts!" Little did I know that "those guys" were geocachers in my area of Pennsylvania. There was this one guy that was particularly interesting. Keoki-eme is his caching name but he is known by his very appreciative extreme caching friends as, George.

Why appreciative? He is one of the pioneers in the craft of setting "total challenge" of mind and body, 5/5 extreme geocaches in the North East. I remember when he was the FTF on one of my more challenging hides. He had a lot of great things to say about it in an email to me but in the end he said, "the finish (or final) was deflating compared to the location and placement of the first stage". I ran right out to change it. I was out there scouting for days and finally placed it more appropriately. I remember wishing he could see the new location. I sent him an email but weeks went by and nothing. Then one day, Keoki_eme in my inbox and a short and sweet "nice job, excellent placement", I was flying high. I respected him for that. He really followed through and I appreciated his direction. Today at 4/4, The Dog Day's Of Summer is my most challenging cache.

Keoki_eme is an extreme geocacher. I watch from a distance but have never had the nuts to do what they do. Be it caves, trees, structures, cliff climbs, crawl, rappel, squeeeeze through some of the tightest spaces that just writing this has me a little short on breath, they do it all. My many phobias keep me away, but I watch and I wonder. I recently reached out to George in a "out of nowhere" email that I'm sure took him off guard. I couldn't believe it when he accepted to do a guest post! The questions just poured out of me, there was so much I wanted to learn and learn I did. In Northeast PA, Extreme Geocaching and Keoki_eme are synonymous! Everyone around here knows that if you’re going on a Keoki cache, you’re in for a wild time and you may not return the same person or at all. George, thanks for being a part of CacheCrazy and helping us understand the ins and outs of Extreme Geocacheing. Here goes......

Q: Can you tell me how you got into geocaching and where, in your experience with the sport, did it turn extreme?
Got into geocaching when my friend Mark aka “team kasch” talked my wife and I into it. The first cache we went out on was  “ZOFODRAZIWEHT”.  After that, I was hooked.  Amy was for a time, then she began to hate it as I became obsessed.
It turned extreme after I was getting bored with the cache and dashes.  Kept thinking to myself, there has got to be something better out there.  Then I did linuxxpert’s “conquer your fears”.  We became friends and pretty much been doing extreme caches ever since.

Q: So once you realize you’re not the typical geocacher, how did that affect your relationship with the caching community?
Well, I see that a lot of people are into numbers, even though it is a junk cache.  That was me at the beginning, but, I think I grew out of it with extreme caching.  Also, the caching community never really embraced the non-extreme caches I put out, so, uh, maybe the relationship never really changed.

Q: Do folks think you’re nuts? 
In a word “YES”.  I have taken some people out when I have placed my caches and the “nuts”  opinion turns to “wow, this is fun.”
Q: You have so many outstanding hides, which one is your personal favorite and why?

  • Non-extreme is “walk into darkness”.  just a nice walk with some neat things to do
  • Off mainland is “ka puka”.  It’s a great non-extreme cache and it’s in Hawaii, what’s not to love?
  • Extreme is, well, hmmmm, uh….i think I love ‘em all.  they all share the “fun” factor, neat places to explore and beautiful areas to do it in. “Garden of Eden” is pretty special with one really awesome stage.

Q:  Some of your caches only see a ‘Found It’ occasionally due to several circumstances.  For example, your “25” cache hasn’t been found in almost three years and that one doesn’t even require special equipment.  Does that bother you? 
I have fun putting out quality caches.  I cannot help that people are so concerned with numbers that they would pass on a great walk with neat stuff to see.  also, there are cachers out there who refuse to do pmo caches.  heck, I was even accused by one of them of being anal and elite,  hence my geodescription.  I put A LOT of time and money into my caches. if someone feels that way, I don’t want them doing my caches.
btw, “25” has been archived.

Q:  Give us an example of what goes into setting up and listing a 5/5 geocache?
I like multi-caches.  Some people travel hours to get to my caches and I want to make sure there time is well spent.  Sometimes I go overboard, like “?”, but, positive feed back keeps me putting them out.
First thing is location. You need one particular stage that is the focal point of the cache.  I will spend several days/trips scouting out an area for a cache, looking for nutty stuff to do.  Once I have locations picked out, I will determine the proper routing of the trip.  Then I will whittle down the number of stages.  Then make the stages. Then find some “sucker” to go out with me to put the cache out.  I used to go by myself, but, then I thought if something bad should happen, no one will find me for days.  That could be a bad thing.

Q: What type of special equipment and training is needed to do some extreme geocaches?
I had no training.  learned as I went. so did most of the extreme group I cache around with.  As far as gear:  harness, kernmantle static rope, ascenders, descenders, helmet, flashlights and a set of nuts, just to name a few.  Once you start buying stuff, it adds up fast.  My backpack, on any typical adventure has over $1000 worth of stuff in and around it.  But, I carry around a lot of toys.
Q: Do you worry about people enthusiastically trying one of your 5/5 caches without the proper equipment or training and putting their lives in danger?
Nope.  “you can’t fix stupid”, says keoki.

Q: where did you learn how to do all this stuff
As I said earlier, self taught.  the extreme thing about doing extreme stuff is that if you don’t do it right the first time, there probably isn’t going to be a second time.

Q: I have to ask this question, do you know of anyone who has been seriously injured doing an extreme geocache? Has anyone died?
no and no

Q: What recommendation do you have for cacher’s that want to do some extreme caching but don’t have contacts with others who are into it?
Go out with our group or any other group that does them.  I am ALWAYS willing to show people the ropes.  The only item you really need to get started is a decent harness.  if you like it after that, buy more stuff.

Q: For folks like me who are scared to death of heights, tight spaces, deep water, clowns, pink elephants, etc. what is your advice? Should I try to conquer my phobias or just watch from the sideline?
I am not particularly fond of heights either, but, once I get started, it’s a blast.  You just gotta do it once and chances are, you’ll be hooked like the rest of us.  I had a husband/wife team go out with me to place “the rock collection”.  I had the husband harnessed up ready to go for a rappel. He was on rope, looked over the edge, and said it wasn’t happening today.  His wife harnessed up and went right over, no problemo.  We got back to the top and male pride kicked in. He rappelled and loved it. Did several more rappels after that one.

Q: Speaking of watching, what are your thoughts on folks claiming the cache when they were merely a spectator of the stages and/or final?
GC rules state all you need to do is sign the log.  It used to bug me, big time, that some people are so pathetic as to be a “geoslug”.  I kinda don’t give a crap anymore.  They have to live with themselves, not I.

Q: What do you think about the direction of and the new  gaining popularity?
it’s GC’s sandbox, if you don’t like it, get out.  If they ever get queasy with extreme stuff, I’m out.  I really don’t know much, if anything, about 

Q: if there is one thing that you could change about the sport of geocaching as it is today, what would it be?
I would change proximity distances to half of what they are now, reinstate ALRs and somehow determine a point system for caches, making extremes and all dayers carry more weight than junky light post caches.  Clancy’s crew calls my rating system “pineapple points.” 

Q: Besides extreme caching, what else do you do for fun?
Starting to whitewater kayak.  love hiking.  love Hawaii. and looks like a group of us will be bouncing Fantastic Pit in Ellison’s Cave, GA, this November.  586’ straight down and back up a rope.  Yikes.

Additional comment
If anyone would like to do any of my, or any other, extreme caches, contact me.  I will be more than willing to go along to help them out.  Maybe you should come along. J
Me! Well, uh, I think I'm busy that day, or wait, uh, my life insurance isn't paid up, yeah that's the ticket!LOL!
We'll Keoki_eme in our CacheCrazy rating system adopted by Clancy's Crew, on a scale from 1 through 10, you get 10 Pineapples Points for a great interview! Thanks!
PS: Where would one inquire about a harness? I'm just say'n. 

So, now we got inside the head of a local Extreme Geocacher, let's look out beyond our boarders. Let's check out some Dutch Extreme Geocachers from the Netherlands and see what they're up to? Exdutgecat is a extreme Dutch geocaching team that are into all kinds of fun stuff!

(…in left-to-right order accordingly to pic, to avoid girlfights…) Dirty Cache, Kattukwaad, Fles, GEINponem, Brug, Messejochem, Styx (not in picture)
The crew “as it is” started in 2007 (with Styx joining in 2009) but a few years earlier we were already “hanging together” says Dirty Cache. These guys know how to have fun!

Check out some of their videos

It seems to me that no matter here or abroad, Extreme Geocaching is a popular activity among those who seek "a little extra" in their cache. It's unlikely that you'll see these guys looking up lamp skirts, they have much better things to do such as dangling from ledges, climbing cliffs and searching in some dark, wet cave for their treasure. It appears that the cache itself is secondary to the experience and the experience is one you won't soon forget.

And these freaking guys are just outright crazy, cachecrazy!
I have to also give a shout out to our very own homeboy, DctrSpott
who also fits squarely into the extreme geocacher category  

I think for now anyway, I'll keep my feet planted firmly on the ground and continue to watch and admire. Hey, it's still an adventure to me and you never know, one day you may see a picture of me, all harnessed up and hanging from a cliff conquering my fears! Now if I could just figure out that clown and pink elephant thing?
Have fun and cache crazy!

Friday, June 28, 2013

A Worthwhile Investment

Last week I renewed my Premium Membership with Groundspeak.  Yes, I'm in the club for another year.  It's about this time, each year, where I reflect on the past year's worth of geocaching.  Each year I seem to open the door to the possibility that I just might not want to do it anymore.  Perhaps I'll just stick with the free account.  I might not have the opportunity to get out and hunt as many caches as in the past year.  Maybe I just don't want to do it anymore.

I then think of all the experiences I've had as a result of geocaching.  I've overcome childhood fears, climbed really big mountains, plunged into Satan's Crack, met dozens, if not hundreds, of cool folks and much, much more.  I've had the opportunity to challenge myself, both physically and mentally.  I've learned about things and visited places I never knew existed.

I've brought others along on cache finds.  Some have liked it- others, well, not so much.  That's ok, though.  As with many other things in life, it's not for everybody.

A small curiosity about a friend's past time, three years ago, has brought me to where I am today.  I can't imagine how different things would be if I never took the time to research this geocaching game she was talking about at a party.  Can you believe all I would have missed out on?

Granted, you don't need a Premium Membership to geocache.  Many are against the notion of paying to play, and I totally respect that.  To me, for what averages out to a few dollars a month, opens the door to the complete geocaching experience.  It's a worthwhile investment, if you ask me.

Thursday, June 27, 2013


Folks, due to the nature of this post I will give a disclaimer now; viewer discretion is advised.

You will be following along with what I found a few weeks ago. This could be disturbing to some viewers.

The photos, if there were any, would be disturbing. Please proceed with caution.

Let me set the scene for you.

It is mid-morning of May 8th. The clouds are casting an eerie feeling in town as I head to a dead end alley. It is located behind one of the local motels.  As I walk along I immediately see a body laying just in front of the garbage dumpster. On the dumpster it says Sundancer Motel.  It appears that the body, which is a female, has been there for an unknown amount of time.  She appears to be in her early 20's.

I notice the deceased is wearing a reddish-pink dress with a red sash around the waist. It seems to be a uniform so I figure she works at the motel restaurant as a waitress. She has a name tag on that says Penny Golden. She has red hair and is wearing thigh high stockings. Her left shoe is on, but the right one is not on her right foot. It is about 4 feet away from her.

I then make a notation that there is a tire track across her chest and it appears to have been made by a car.  Her dark colored purse is laying there and some of the contents appear to have spilled out, or someone was rooting through it. As I look around I notice some flies on her right arm. There are also some cigarette butts laying on the ground to her left side.  I then see her cell phone, which is a Motorola, but it appears to be turned off. There is a publicity photo of a pretty young lady wearing a dark top and the photo has been torn in two. I take note that there is a finger print on the photo. The name on the photo is Penny Golden; it is a picture of the deceased. This really begins to puzzle me.

The deceased has a white substance on the fingers of her right hand. There is also a small bag with a white substance inside of it laying next to her purse. This could be some sort of drug. I notice a newspaper near the dumpster that is from March 3rd, 2012. Along side of the newspaper is a Dr. Pepper can that is empty. In the corner is a brown beer bottle and I can't make out the name on it. I also see an empty Marlboro cigarette pack. Now that I have gathered all of my evidence I head back to the lab.

I first go to the digital evidence lab. There I am able to look at the texts that were sent to Penny. On May 4th at 9:45 pm she gets a text from John asking her to meet him at the diner at 11:00 pm. She responds with an eager "yes." At 10:00 pm she receives a text from Dianagrl saying "congrats on the acting job, rocks r on me." "Meet me 10:15 at the sundancer." She responds "k." The last text was sent from Dianagrl at 10:22 pm and it says "Kul, im onmy way." There were numerous missed calls from John at 11:00, 11:15 and 11:30 with no response.

I then headed to the Latent Prints lab to look at the prints from the torn photo. It was identified through AFIS (Automated Fingerprint Identification System) as belonging to a Diana Reilly. She has several drug related charges against her.  I headed over to the Impression Evidence lab to see if I could match the tire treads. They belonged to a car that had been stolen earlier in the day. Next I was off to Toxicology/Drug Chemistry lab. The substance in the baggie was identified as Fentanyl, which is 100 times more potent than morphine and if used incorrectly can cause death.

I headed over to the Forensic Entomology lab to identify the flies that were found on Penny's body. Her body was found on the morning of May 8th. Blow flies take three days to go through their stages from hatching to adult so it was obvious to me Penny was killed sometime in the early morning of May 5th.

The Forensic Biology/DNA lab was next. After looking at several DNA samples of parents with missing daughters, I determined that Penny's DNA matched Mr. and  Mrs. Cannelli's. They were missing their daughter Lucy Cannelli whom they had last seen on the morning of May 4th before going to work.

One more lab to visit and it was the ME (Medical Examiner) lab. The ME had found that there was no bruising of the chest where the car tire imprint was and his report was that Lucy had been killed before being run over by the stolen car. He put the COD (cause of death) as being attributed to an overdose of Fentanyl. I then headed to my last stop, which was to present my findings to my supervisor Gil Grissom.

Gil came in and sat down and asked me "Who got served?" I explained to Gil that Lucy Cannelli had taken a stage name of Penny Golden. She had been working at the Sundancer Motel as a waitress. She had notified her friend Diana Reilly she had gotten the acting job and she wanted to celebrate. Diana, who was furious over Lucy getting the job and not her, said she would bring the Rocks, which she actually swapped out with the Fentanyl. I then explained that my findings were that Lucy had overdosed on Fentanyl, which Diana had switched, she never did meet with John at the diner, and she was run over after she was already dead by a guy who had stolen a car. I also informed him that four agents were currently arresting Diana for murder.

Needless to say Gil was highly impressed and promoted me to the status of Agent, badge number Q52PE5. He then told me to take the rest of the day off and enjoy my time in Florida.

Now to fill you in on what really happened. My wife, son and I visited the "CSI Experience" in Orlando, Florida. If you haven't visited one of these places I suggest you go and do it. This was lots of fun and we ended up spending 2 hours acting like CSI agents investigating a Crime Scene. They have three crime scenes and you are able to investigate only one of them. You can visit the other two, but you only can solve one case. This is something we will have to do again the next time we are down there. I'd like to tell you more but I just got a call from Gil and there has been another murder in Orlando and I need to pack up and move out.

                              CSI Special Agents In-Charge

                                       Bring it on!

Be sure to check out CSI: The Experience. It's a crime if you don't.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Virtual Bliss

One of the really cool things about my job is it allows me to travel, from time to time.  Between traveling with my boss, and attending conventions and seminars, it's nice to break out of the office from time to time, and see different locations across our great nation.  Recently I attended a convention in our nation's capital, Washington, D.C.  Now, I've been to Washington before, but it was my first visit since getting involved with geocaching.  Naturally, I had it in my head that I needed to grab AT LEAST one cache during my stay.

Upon arrival on Monday, it became apparent the day was going to be a washout.  It rained the entire day, with periods of torrential downpours.  Thankfully our events were all inside, where we would be nice and dry.  Between meetings, demonstrations and classes, we walked the exhibit floor, and even had an opportunity to spot some celebrities in attendance.  Knowing we would be attending a dinner later in the evening, I figured we would have some downtime beforehand.  This sounded like a perfect time to break out the laptop and map out the area, to see where the nearest caches were.  I figured I would have to wait until morning to do any caching, on account of the rain, but at least I'd have a strategy planned out.  I zoomed into the location of where my hotel was, and then I noticed something which I gave absolutely no thought to originally:  I'm not going to find any cache containers in this part of town.

As expected, I couldn't touch him.

Our hotel, the historic Hay-Adams Hotel, is located across the street from the White House.  It would make perfect sense to not have any caches hidden in this area.  If you thought your local Mayberry-type sheriff was not going to tolerate your need to search the bushes in the town's park, could you imagine the reaction of an United States Secret Service agent?  Man, those guys were EVERYWHERE!  There was stage one of a multi-cache nearby, which I believe required you to calculate coordinates to a final container, located over the bridge in Virginia, based on a placard.  Seeing as there are probably a hundred or so (at least) federal buildings in that immediate area, I was reserved to the fact I would not be signing a log book during my trip to Washington.

I knocked, but he wasn't home.

Enter the Virtual Cache.  The saving grace for this cacher looking to add a new territory to the list of places cached, and obtain another coveted (not really) geocaching souvenir.

Virtual caches, in relation to my hotel.  (Click for larger version.)

There must be dozens of virtual caches in Washington!  With so many historical landmarks and places of interest, coupled with the rules and regulations of Groundspeak, virtual caching, essentially, the lay of the land here.  From where I was situated, I had several virtual caches within walking distance.  Unfortunately, my time was limited, as I had about a 30 minute window on Tuesday morning to get my caching in.  The closest virtual cache to my hotel was GC8348-General of the Armies, a cache by Salvo.  This cache was located about halfway between the White House and the United States Capitol.  As with most virtual caches, once you get to GZ, you need to do something.  In this case, I needed to e-mail the cache owner with information obtained by reading the memorial wall located next to the statue at GZ.

I, personally, have been a fan of the virtual cache.  They satisfy a specific niche in the geocaching community.  Areas, such as the National Mall area, where I stayed, are out of bounds for placing a physical container, yet draw interest as a place of historical, or personal interest.  Groundspeak attempted to meet us halfway, a while back, by offering us Geocaching Challenges.  Phooey!  Personally, I feel Groundspeak needs to bite the bullet, and restore the virtual cache as a cache placement option.  Perhaps they can handle the virtual cache in the same manner which they do the earth cache.  I got a smiley on my trip because of a virtual.  It satisfied a desire I had in the course of gameplay, and enhanced my experience with geocaching, which I'm sure is what Groundspeak ultimately wants.

What are your thoughts on the virtual cache?

Thursday, June 20, 2013


I wanted to tell you a little bit about the park where Geowoodstock XI was held and some of the caches we found while there.

The park is called Circle B Bar Reserve, and it is in Lakeland, Florida.

Named after a cattle ranch that once existed on this property, Circle B Bar Reserve was jointly acquired by the Polk County Environmental Lands Program and the District to protect the floodplain of the lake and to restore the Banana Creek marsh system. The property is maintained by Polk County. Much of the property had previously been converted to pasture, but in 2005 and 2006, restoration projects were completed to restore much of the original hydrologic function of the lands. As a result of the marsh system restoration project, Circle B is now home to some of the most impressive bird activity on District property. The tremendous bird population includes a variety of wading birds, waterfowl, ospreys and bald eagles. Alligators inhabit Lake Hancock and may be observed at a distance from shore or from a pier. Oak hammock, freshwater marsh, hardwood swamp and the lakeshore are among the unique characteristics of this property.

Polk County Nature Discovery Center
In November 2008, construction of thePolk County Nature Discovery Centerwas completed. Managed by the Polk County Natural Resources Department, the center provides educational opportunities for Polk County public schools and is open to the public. There are exhibits in the center that display environmental and hydrologic functions of Florida’s natural resources. Nature trail, pavilion and information signs are available for public use on the grounds adjacent to the center.

Below is a map of the area. 

There are many caches located along the walking trails and most of them are not too far off of the trails making it a nice area to visit with your kids. 

My niece and her husband took their son and a friend along and here are a few caches we were able to find. 

                               Here is the first one we found: GCPBGY

                                We would not have been able to get this one if it were not for my niece's son. He was able to reach it without too much of a problem. 

We also found A Spidery Arch. This was another fun cache and the kids loved trading items they found. It was good to know that there were so many quality caches located here and they were very kid friendly. 

This cache was a little harder to find and it was a good thing I was along. It took ol' eagle eyes to find this one. My only wish was if we could have found more caches there, but you can only do so many with the time you have. Besides, the bus left before it was supposed to and we would have been stranded if it were not for my niece and her husband giving us a ride back to our car. I wasn't too happy about that. Oh well, maybe next year we'll be able to park near the event. 

                                Can you find all four of us in the picture? 

This was a hard job since some of the letters had blown over and we had to hold them up for the picture. After we got our pictures we held them in place until the next folks got up there for theirs, and so on. What a job. 

All in all this was a nice event and we had lots of fun. Next year GWS XII will be in Missouri with details to follow once they get things rolling. If you have never been to a mega event you really should try and get to one. Now who do we know in Missouri that we need to visit? 

Here's a disclaimer: The pictures above may not necessarily go with the caches listed. Hahahahaha.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Placed 8/24/2009 Archived 5/13/2013 
I had to archive this cache last month after nearly 4 years, 240 logged visits, 24 favorite points, 11 images, 5 replacement logs, 3 replacement containers and 1 archival. There has been some damage and theft at this cemetery and they are tightening up their permissions so it's a done deal and another great cache bites the dust. Bummer......................

No Pets Allowed                                                                                                         
Is a geocache and a story by: Bloodhounded
Check it out at GC1XPXM


In the mid 1800’s a man who was the caretaker of an old cemetery, lost his 6 year old daughter to a tragic accident. The evening before the accident, he was working in the cemetery. Sitting next to the fence was a stray dog. She sat on a small knoll underneath a large old oak tree, seemingly waiting for someone. Little did he know that three days later he would be burying his little girl on the exact spot where the little dog waited.

On the day of his daughter’s funeral service, he saw the little dog again. She was standing a short distance away from where they gathered at the cemetery. The next morning, just before dawn, he went to visit his daughter’s grave for the first time. Sitting beside the mound of flowers at her graveside was the little black dog. As he approached, she rose and stepped back a few feet, as if in respect. When he sat on the ground by the grave, she came back and sat beside him, not touching him or asking for attention for herself. She seemed to just “be there” for him. Together they watched the sun rise, and the man felt a slight touch of peace. He arose and she walked him back to his house which was near the side entrance, then returned to his daughter’s grave and lay down on it. The next morning was a repeat of the first. There she was, nestled beside the flowers. As she sat beside him, he ran his hand down along her back. She was slightly wet, as if from night dew. “Have you been here all night?” he asked. She answered with a slight wag of her tail. “What are you? Some kind of a guardian angel?” She turned toward him and looked at him with eyes that seemed to reach his very soul. He began to cry and tell her of his terrible pain, and she sat and listened.

Knowing that his daughter wasn’t alone, that she had this small dog with her, began to give him comfort. He remembered that several years before, his son and a friend had rescued a small black dog that had been shot with an arrow. His son named her Lady, and she stayed on as a beloved pet until an untimely accident took her life. After about a week, he took the cemetery dog home with him. He couldn’t think of a name for her. Then one day, he said, “You know something? You look just like old Lady.” It was as if he hit a magic switch. “Lady” stood up and, tail wagging furiously, ran over to him and put her paw up on his knee. It was as if she had finally “come home”.
Who is this dog who showed him his daughter’s cemetery plot, and then did round-the-clock guard duty when his daughter was laid to rest there? Who is this dog who was there to help him through the greatest trauma of his life? I just know that she came into his life in a very mysterious way. The local news paper had the same questions and decided to do a story on the matter. They visited the cemetery where the man worked and where he and his dog had become acquainted. It was a wonderful story of healing and peace with a pet and after it was written, a photographer flashed a picture of the two, side by side under the big old oak tree in the center of the cemetery.

The mystery escalated when the man went to the cemetery the next morning and Lady was nowhere to be found. Over his shoulder he could see the photographer with his camera, “I have to take another picture before press time” he said as he approached. He showed the man the original picture and there was the tree, the man and the grave site of his daughter but, no dog! For some reason unknown, Lady did not photograph,  even though she sat right there next to him, he was sure of it!

Lady never did reappear and it upset the old man so much that he never let another dog into the cemetery and posted a sign at every entrance that read “NO PETS".



Tuesday, June 18, 2013

I Like Travel Bugs!

One of my favorite things to find in a cache is a travel bug.  No, they are not real bugs.  The object of travel bugs is to move them from cache to cache.  Many of them travel literally thousands of miles all over the world.  If you find a travel bug in a cache you can either leave it there for someone else to move along or you can take it and move it to another cache, hopefully in a timely manner.  The only thing you do NOT do, is keep it.  Although some rotten and unscrupulous people will take them and keep them.  They certainly will not win any brownie points for being a jerk!

There are basically 2 different types of travel bugs.  One type is a dog tag with a GC number on it that you attach to any item you like.  Here are a few examples....

Each TB (travel bug) gets its own web page on the GC site.  You can name your TB and assign a specific mission for it that you hope people will follow.  Things like visit specific states or different countries, maybe go to a special event, or a golf course, or trade shows.  The missions are all different and some are quite creative.  Each time you move a TB, you also have to go to it's web page and register which cache you picked it up in and which cache you dropped it into.  Plus, you can leave a note for the TB owner and even upload a picture if you want.  I usually try to take a picture of the TB near something historic and upload that to its page.  People seem to appreciate the effort and I've gotten notes from people all over the world thanking me for the photos.  It gives them a good opportunity to see a picture from a part of the world they may never get to visit themselves.

Travel bug coins are usually pretty nice.  They cost a little more money (usually between $ 10.00 and 
$ 20.00 each) and you definitely take a little more of a risk sending them out, because people do steal them.  How rude is that?  Here are some of the nicer coins that I've found in caches and moved along....

Currently I have moved along 236 different TB's and coins.  I always like to find ones that have come from a foreign country.  It's really interesting to go to their pages and read about where they have been.

Right now I personally own 26 different TB's and coins of my own.  My 11 coins I keep in my possession and are part of my personal collection.  I have 15 TB's.  1 is in my possession because he's my Travelling Snoopy who goes everywhere with me, attached to my backpack.  My 14 other TB's are  travelling around the world.  Out of those 14, 3 are missing - either lost or stolen.  :-(   

Here are some of my TB's.  This was the first one to go missing....
This one travelled over 11,000 miles and was in Australia where the cache it was in got destroyed and the TB was lost.

This TB travelled around for a year and then ended up back in a cache near our house, so we went and got him back, attached him to a snoopy doll and he travels with us....

This one is in Ohio with a cacher and has travelled 1730 miles so far.....

This one has only logged 570 miles so far despite being one of my first TB's.  He is in a cache in Wisconsin.

This is my favorite TB story:  I sent this one out to Hawaii with a cacher friend, who dropped it into a cache out there.  Cacher Kailua Al picked it up and asked me if I'd like him to hold onto it for awhile and dip it in and out of caches and put up pictures.  Of course I said YES!!  Kailua Al has had it for over a year and this TB has logged over 22 THOUSAND miles!  Al puts up beautiful pictures on my TB page for me.  Now of course I want to go to Hawaii.

These are some of my coins....(Hey, my husband is Italian!)

We got this coin at the annual geocachers picnic last year.  The cool thing about this one is that the pig on the spit actually spins!
 The Sanibel Island one was my first coin and a gift from my husband....
May 2010 was the 10 year anniversary of geocaching and we picked this coin up at one of the local events.
And here is Travelling Snoopy.  He was a gift from my good caching friend, Mary.  We attached my Snoopy TB to him and he's on my backpack....

Now you know what a TB is and how they work.  If you find one in a cache, please be sure to send it on it's way.  And take the time to shoot a picture if you can - we sure appreciate it!


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