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Monday, May 6, 2013

Quite the Quarry

On our way back from a Mother's Day celebration in Belfast, hubby and I set a course for a few geocaches to pick up on the way home.  We picked up a few easy park and grabs before arriving at the quarry in Frankfort.  

We parked at the gate at the bottom of the road and the compass showed a mere .33 miles to the destination.  The day was beautiful so we decided to take the short hike up the hill.  We took the wrong trail more than once but finally got back on the right track.  I might not be out of shape but I'm definitely out of condition.  Thankfully there were lots of views to stop and take in so I could catch my breath.  

When we got to the top of the hill, we quickly found the cache.  The disappointing part was that the cache was in a plastic zip bag.  The contents were completely soaked and I couldn't sign my name to the log.  Directly behind us was a small lake surrounded by high walls of granite painted with graffiti.  Oddly, the graffiti was somehow pretty.  The description of the geocache said that some of the granite used at Fort Knox was probably used from here.   Although we didn't find a great geocache, we did find some great views and learned a neat history lesson. 


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