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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

I LOST MY HEAD at Cousin Hill

Kentucky Lake had record flooding last year and I wrote about it here.  This year all that flooding came back and bit us in the ass, because there's been practically no rain and the lake levels are extremely low.  Low water means it's hard to go boating in some of our favorite spots and the fishing isn't as good as it normally is.  But we're making the best of it and finding things to do in spite of the low water.

The other day Chablis and I loaded up our kayak's onto the pontoon boat and boated over to one of our favorite picnic spots on the lake - Cousin Hill.  We picked a nice day to do it, the sun was out and it was nice and warm.  Plus there was practically nobody else out on the lake.  I felt like we had the entire lake to ourselves.

We stopped to get gas and as we were pulling out of the marina, this sea plane landed right in front of us...

He motored right into the marina for gas.  I'd love to go up in one of those some day...

Once we got to Cousin Hill we tossed the kayak's in the water and paddled up and down the shoreline, just exploring a little bit....

Behind Cousin Hill there is a little pond, so we landed ashore and walked around the pond....

Co-incidentally, I have a geocache hidden over there, named "I Lost My Head at Cousin Hill."  There are only 2 ways to get to this cache - either come by boat or make the drive through the Land Between the Lakes down a road named The Trace to a little side road.  You then take that side road to a cemetery, park and hike to the cache.  Either way, it's a difficult trip. 

I decided to do a little cache maintenance while we were there, so I checked on the cache, cleaned out the cache container and took a quick picture of part of the cache to show you.  Doesn't this just make you want to go find it??

Hahahaha!!!!  Come and get it!!


Sumajman said...

Float planes were our friends in the Amazon Basin. Sounds like kayaking and caching went well together.

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