Thursday, May 9, 2013


It was a beautiful spring day and I had decided to head out and perform the much needed maintenance on a couple of my caches. I know I preach a lot about doing this so I decided it was time for me to practice what I preach.

I first headed to Baptist Bible College where my cache Fall Creek is located. I just love visiting this cache and the area it is located in. The pond there is always a delight to see and I usually see a number of ducks, geese, and occasionally a few fish. The flowers were starting to push their way up through the ground and there were lots of buds on the trees.

                         The Anchor

                         A pair of Mallard Ducks

                          Bagley Pond (Do you see the geese?)

As I walked along I noticed a muggle approaching so I went into stealth mode. Then I noticed it was a Seminary Professor that I know walking over to get lunch. We stopped and talked for a few moments and he asked if this was an everyday hike I do. I told him no it wasn't and then I told him why I was there. He thought it was very neat that I was checking up on the cache and filling it with more stuff. We then parted ways.

I checked on the cache and found it in good shape. I removed some trash and then filled it full of swag. Next I made an entry in the log book after reading the posts already logged in there. I then returned to observing all of the wonderful wildlife and the glorious spring colors.

I must say that I probably overstocked the cache for a good reason. My wife was going to be meeting a group of school kids and their teacher to teach them about Geocaching. The teacher from a nearby school was teaching her students about longitude and latitude and she knew about Geocaching and she somehow got in touch with us. I put my wife to work on setting up a time with them since I work most days. I'll let her tell her story in another post later on, but I know they did have a blast.

Wow! This was turning out to be a great day. From BBC I headed over to my next cache, which is South Abington GEOCOIN Hotel. This cache, if you have not been there, is located in a very nice park in South Abington Township. The trees were blooming and smelling wonderful. I parked my truck and headed towards the woods where the cache is located. The park was filled with little kids running around, moms pushing baby strollers, and teens shooting basketballs. Or should I say they were throwing basketballs at hoops so I am politically correct? Nah, I like shooting so I'll say they were shooting hoops.

I arrived at GZ and went for the cache. Hmm, it's not there. Okay so maybe someone did not put it back exactly where I had it. I began looking around in the spots where someone might think it should be hidden. No dice. I then set my backpack down and really began looking hard. No cache. Now I'm getting a little concerned. Well I searched for about 10 minutes and still could not find it. I thought to myself "really, what's up with this?" I sat down and looked it up on my cell phone because I wanted to make sure of what the last cacher had written. Well he found it with no problems and even removed a coin to help it on it's way. Back to searching.

After spending between 30 and 45 minutes there I decided to move on. I chalked it up to my eye sight and thought that maybe someone else will find it. If not I'll go back and replace it. I got back in the truck and headed to my next cache, which is close to my house.

This cache is called WHITETAIL HUNTER and is located in Lackawanna State Park. It's a good hike up the hill and through the woods, but I just love it. This cache is located just off of one of the nice trails through the park. As I walked along I could smell everything that I love about the woods. I'm sure you know what I mean about smelling the outdoors. I also love seeing the birds flirting around chasing each other as they prepare for their mating season and nest building.

After admiring the stone walls I continued on up the path to part one of this multi-cache.  I had been notified earlier that part one needed some maintenance so I was prepared with another X!?#&%*@ (that's code for what part one is) and when I checked it they were right. I put the new part one in its spot and headed to the final cache.

When arriving I couldn't help but stand in awe at these great big rocks that have stood the test of time and all sorts of weather. My the stories they could tell of days gone by. I went up to where I had placed the cache to retrieve it, but it was not there. Oh someone must have placed it behind that little rock so it would be easier for the little kids to find. WHAT? It's not there? Okay, so maybe someone put it in the little crevice just past where it really belongs. Nope! Now I'm getting a little steamed. I began searching all over for it. It was not to be found either. Now I'm really mad. Two caches in one day are missing. I'm not sure how long I looked for the cache because the steam coming out of my ears was blocking my vision.

Well now I'm madder than a wet hen and decide I'll have to go home and disable the cache until I can get back up there and replace it. On the way out I grabbed part one and took it with me. Have I mentioned how much I hate muggles?


Kim@Snug Harbor said...

Omg I know just how you feel. Those caches have nothing to do with muggles so why can't they just leave them alone? Funny how some cachers can't find a cache and yet a muggle will stumble upon it. Grrrrr.

Kevin Bloodhounded said...

The down side of owning a cache is when you have put so much into it and then it goes missing! It really makes me mad! Just leave it be brother! No need to take it. The only thing worse than a muggle is a thieving muggle! But, don't give up or give in, replace those caches and know that for every one that goes missing, there are 100 seekers who appreciated the cache! TFTP (thanks for the post)BH

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