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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Florida Vacation and Some Side Trips

Last week we made our way down to Florida for a little vacation. It was a vacation, but it was also in preparation for GEOWOODSTOCK XI. (More on GWS XI in the coming weeks.)

We drove all the way to North Carolina and stayed with a friend whom we had not seen for about 19 years. It was good to visit with them and we had a nice place to crash for the night. And yes we did cache on the way to their house. We love trying to hit a few caches along our route, which breaks up the driving time and gives us a chance to stretch our legs.

The next day we arrived in Tampa at my sisters. We got rested up and then on Monday we went to the Tampa Automobile Museum since they were closed last year when we were here. This place is AWESOME! Here are some pictures for you to drool over.

The gentleman who owns these cars, Alain A Cerf, is from France and started his collection in the 1950's and he has been collecting them ever since. He bought his first car for around $150.00 and it is worth over $300,000.00 today.  He keeps each car fully inspected, and licensed, so he can drive them whenever he wants. He usually takes one car out per week for the entire year. If you do the math that comes out to 52 cars and he owns a total of 55. That's a lot of cars. This was a fun place to visit even though we did not get to meet Mr. Cerf. He had just left with one of his cars for the week. Maybe next time we'll meet him.

From there we went to the Holocaust Museum in Tampa and we all learned more than what we ever thought we knew about this atrocity. We were not allowed to take pictures or videos, nor even use our cell phones inside of the building. It was a real learning experience for all of us. Here are the flags and memorial outside of the building.

The plaque reads "In memory of those who died with honor and in honor of those who served with honor".

If you ever get the chance to visit either place I highly recommend them. You'll be amazed at the beauty of the cars and you'll be shocked at the horror of what Hitler did to those he didn't like.


CrazyCris said...

I never knew either of those was in Tampa! But the last time I was in Tampa I was a kid (in the '90s) and basically only interested in going to Busch Gardens! :p

Those sure are some gorgeous cars! :o)

Kevin Bloodhounded said...

I love those old cars! They are my weakness.
Great pictures and nice post!
Welcome home Big Man!

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

I always like to visit any place with old cars. Can you imagine getting to drive those?? Did you meet up with Dave at geowoodstck?

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