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Friday, May 17, 2013

Clarks Geocaching Adventure! with Dan the Woodsman

Welcome Back ~ Dan the Woodsman! 

I asked Dan if we could post this short article at our site and he gladly offered. Enjoy a geocaching adventure from a new friend of CacheCrazy.Com who enjoys the outdoors as much as we do! And....since Dave (smithie23) has the day off I figured why not run it one more time. Dan, your always welcome at CacheCrazy.Com.

 I manged to get some geocaching in at Clark's Reservation State Park, yesterday. It was a beautiful day! My day started off searching for GC6AA4, but I had to walk away with a DNF (Did Not Find, for those of you not in the know). It was my second DNF in a row, but thanks to Bloodhounded over at, I know thats not all a bad thing (check out the article Can you log those DNF's? PLEASE).

Thankfully that cache was followed by three solid FINDS!
Yes, that is my new GPS ;-) It's a Magellan Explorist GC...expect a review by Monday! I also ran into a little forest friend.
For those of you who know me, you know I HATE snakes. HATE HATE HATE. But I took some quick shots (pictures, lol) anyway. I almost stepped on the poor guy, and when he moved I screamed like a girl and ran back down the trail to collect myself. Hey...even the Woodsman isn't fearless!

Thanks Dan! Great job and keep on caching! Have a great weekend!


Squirrel Proof Feeder said...

sound like a great activity

Adventure Racing said...

Oh! Good that even with your fear, you have some time to get that shot. I don't know with me 'cause I probably run out on the instant. :D

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