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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Why Not Wednesday ~ Rocket High V2

What happens when you cross an evil scientist of geocache making with the wild imagination of a madman?
Rocket High V2, that's what!

Can you believe this crazy contraption geocache puzzle? Isn’t she the most beautiful thing you’ve ever laid eyes on? I think I'm in love xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

I am fortunate to have a direct line to their laboritory and when this one came across the wire last week, I had to inquire and get the inside scoop on this geocache for our readers. Kyle aka NisHollow and Pete aka Pserine put their heads together and came up with something special here! It stands just about 5 feet tall and if you’re going for this baby you had better bring a bicycle tire air pump along. That's right, an air pump. Why?

I’ll let Pserine tell you the way he explained it to me in email:
"You've probably seen the "water" caches, where you fill a tube or container with water to make a cache container float to the top to be retrieved. Kyle had an idea to use air to do the same thing. So the initial idea of Rocket High was born. He needed to experiment to get the right type of valves, the twist type took way too long to let the air out, it sort-of leaked out the air. What we wanted was for the air to rush out all at once and to have enough force to push the cache container up a tube to a window where it could be retrieved. The quarter turn ball valves fit the bill for that with the added bonus of knowing if it was on or off at a glance. Tank size and PSI needed to push up the container was pure speculation, but it turns out that was not that critical, in fact, the geocachers themselves needed to figure out how many pumps with the bicycle pump was enough to get a smiley. Kids could be heard squealing with delight as they "almost got it that time! Try five extra pumps this time."

This first Rocket High gets favorite points from nearly everyone, it is just so unique and fun.

Kyle wanted more.
Version 2 was already in the works. The first idea was 21 valves and you would need to get the right combination of valves to get the cache container. Doing the math, however, you can have almost 6 billion different combinations with 21 valves. Cachers would have to camp out in Kyles driveway for several years to get that smiley. Nine valves sounded more reasonable, but even that gives 387 million combinations, so we settled on 6 valves, which has only 47 thousand combinations.

The idea is to open/close the correct valves to get the air to push up the log container with enough force to make it stick to a magnet. This is accomplished by pumping up the air tank with enough air and opening and/or closing the correct combination of valves. The wrong combination yields a surprise or nothing at all happens. (There is an air release safety valve on the air tank that prevents overfilling the tank with air, and it only requires about 25 PSI to do the job. That translates to about 20 to 50 pumps depending on the size of your bicycle pump. We're guessing someone will try to "outsmart" the idea and bring an air compressor to help, so the release valve will keep people from over-filling the tank. The tank isn't the issue here,(the design is based on a potato gun which uses several hundred PSI) but the cache container with too much air pressure could smash apart upon hitting the top of the exit tube.

We were also thinking of a puzzle to go along with this one, the solution yielding the correct valve

We're anxious to see how much fun cachers will have with this Version 2."

Are you kidding, 47 thousand combinations! Let me at it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

These guys are obviously nuts and have invested long hours of their time and effort (not to mention more than a few dollars) just to make people go crazy! I LOVE THESE GUYS!

So, if you find yourself with a few extra hours/days to kill or maybe you’re feeling just a little too relaxed, head on over to Kyle's house where you'll find this masterpiece in his driveway. Plan to stay awhile and be ready to be blown away with this imaginative apparatus designed for fun! It’s their wild idea of what a geocache puzzle should be and I whole heartedly approve!

What’s that you say, you don’t have a few days to camp out to get that smiley? No problem, they have you covered. On the cache page is a link to a jigsaw puzzle that you can solve in your leisure time (like at work, lol) that once completed, will show you how to set the valves for success. Pretty cool stuff, right?

Thanks guys, I can’t tell you how privileged I am to be on the inside with this awesome cache! I admire the dedication you both have to the sport and continuously add “QUALITY” caches to our area making it a premier caching destination. I’ll be going to conquer this baby soon and plan to do a video of the fun so stay tuned for an update. Until then, I’ll be daydreaming of air pumping and valve turning until the cows come home! MOOOOOOOOOve over Neil Armstrong, Bloodhounded is coming through!



CrazyCris said...

There are geocache puzzles?!?!?! COOL!!! And this one looks crazy amazing!!! :o)

Kyle Powell said...

Another great write up kevin,thank you

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

Oh - this looks insane!!! I'm not good at puzzles OR math - I doubt I'd ever be able to solve this one. :-(

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