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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Spring has Sprung! Finally!!

Well it finally happened. Spring has arrived. The temperatures these last few days has been awesome. We've got Crocus' blooming out front and the critters are on the move.

                                         (Courtesy of Wikipedia)

This time of year is maple season for us and with the warmer temperatures it was finally time to pull my taps. We ended up having a good year with a yield of just over 4 gallons.

Last weekend we boiled the last of our sap for this season. We actually would have gotten more if it had not been for the big bear that came through our yard late Thursday night or early Friday morning. He ripped into a 55 gallon barrel and sort of mangled the ring that holds the lid in place. This was only a garbage can, but it still bothered me. Then as my wife and I left the driveway we noticed he had knocked over one of my sap barrels. Of course it was the one that had the most in it. I hope he enjoyed his treat even though it sure didn't taste as good as the syrup. I have since borrowed a trail camera to try and catch this guy in pictures since I never see him during hunting season. So far this little guy is all I have seen:

Well now is a good time to get out and find, or hide, a cache. Our plan is to get out about once a week and just enjoy the weather and sights while we look for a few caches. It's also time to check those caches you have hidden and make sure they are fully stocked and in good order.

I just received a note from a fellow cacher who could not find part one of my multi cache Whitetail Hunter. So you know what that means.... Yes, I've got plans for Sunday afternoon. My first item of business will be to see if they are really finding the cords or not.

It's also time to make sure those caches are fully stocked. Lately the caches we have found have been virtually empty. I cannot believe that no one is stocking their caches. Thankfully we take plenty along to help fill the gap.

My wife came up with a system of cleaning out the kids room of things they are no longer using and that stuff she puts into a swag bag. It's all nice stuff and stuff that kids would want. This way we have plenty of swag to leave behind. Also, you can start hitting the garage sales for nice items to leave in the cache too.

Well it looks like it might be a nice weekend so everyone should head out to the woods if you can.  What about you folks? Do you have plans to enjoy this nice weather?


CrazyCris said...

Lovely flowers! It's nice when Winter is finally over, isn't it?! :o)

Spring hit us a few weeks ago! I'm going to have to remind myself to pull out (and use!) the sunscreen now... I got sunburnt today while out walking! :p

Anonymous said...

Yogi bear!! I hope you get a picture of him, camera still up!?

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