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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Seven Tubs Nature Area OR How I saved the I Double Dog Dare You Geocache

Hey guys, Bloodhounded here!

I was on a mission to save my I Double Dog Dare You geocache that I have placed in the Seven Tubs Nature Area, the location of several excellent caches including an Earth Geocache. The Seven Tubs were formed as a result of years and years of water wear that carved seven bowls or "tubs" of water from the cascading creek. The soft sandstone didn't stand a chance and it made a wonderful example of mother natures artwork. I am appreciative of the county offering this land as public access and open to geocache hiding and seeking without permission. Getting through the reviewer with this baby was tough enough, lol!

Today I brought two of my pups along for the hike and the goal was to do a field repair of the apparatus at the second stage of the cache. This is a monkey puzzle of sorts, with a locked chamber that contains the coords to the final. You have to figure out how to get the key out of the apparatus in order to proceed. at times this puzzle would build frustration in the hands of some less stable folks who have been known to smash it off the rocks that hide it from the public. I have been here before. Three time during the hiding, twice to repair it and another time to replace the puzzle altogether. Sometimes  it's simple, the key comes right out, other times no matter how hard you try, she ain't giving no stinking key!!!! But that's all part of the fun, right?

We hiked to the location that is about two miles from the parking area. The gorge where the creek runs was along our left for a good portion of the hike and provided great views of the tubs but then we had to head up the mountain. I still love it here and it's no wonder many folks love to hike these beautiful trails! It also reminded me once again, why I hid a geocache here to begin with. 

I found her right where expected however, the injuries where much deeper than first anticipated. I had to pack her up and bring it home for some extensive surgery. It wasn't something that could be done afield. So, we headed off to the final to check on the condition of that cache. I was happy with the way the last seeker left her. Nice and hidden well, just the way I did when I first hid it. The contents were dry, the log has lots of room and the swag level was to the top so all was well there. We looked over the logs, and swag, added a few things and hid the final.

The pups took the opportunity to do a little exploring which they always do so I joined in the search for crayfish, frogs or any other lucky living thing that we could catch, probe and then return to it's home. Lucky for them we found none. The water was still very cold and aside from a trout or two, nothing was present in the creek. No matter though, we still had fun, jumping from rock to rock, crossing the creek and daring each other to do things that would likely cause bodily injury if not done correctly. All in the theme of the Double Dog Dare, of course. But, don't tell their mother:)

Once we got home I started right away. There was little time before she would expire and hit the archive stage but, not on my watch. I worked quickly with the skilled hands of a surgeon. I've done this surgery before so I knew just what to do and in a short time, the cache was stable again, her vital signs were good and the prognosis looked excellent! I even took it to another level and gave her a makeover. New sticker, paint, new laminated coords to the final and a new and approved lead head key to assist it in it's internal
travels with the aid of weight and gravity. I completed the cache puzzle successfully several times and knew it was time to take this baby back to her hiding spot and enable this cache.

I did a solo mission taking her back and honestly, it was just what the doctor ordered. Sometimes spending
time alone is the best therapy. Soon I reach the location, tucked her in with loving care and moved on to finish my hike as planned. I was excited to enable this cache again. I know it's near the top in quality and I'm happy to offer cachers the opportunity to have some fun at the Seven Tubs Nature Area. Sure I get frustrated and maintaining this cache has been a pain in the ass but, that one seeker, it could be you, that writes that great log saying how much fun it was, makes it a labor of love. And besides, it gives me a good reason to get outdoors and enjoy this area again and again!

Hope to see you on the trail sometime soon!
Cache safe and cache crazy!


Sumajman said...

I love a trail like this. Thanks for the story and the pics.

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

Great views, nice hike and awesome caches. I wish I were there.

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