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Friday, April 5, 2013

R.I.P. Seven Tubs Multi- The Best Cache I Never Found

I was walking back to my car a few weeks ago, after DNF'ing a cache somewhere, and was checking email on my iPhone.  Among the numerous cache find logs and spam I typically receive on any given day, one email stood out.  It was a notification that the Seven Tubs mulit-cache had been archived.

GCD06- Seven Tubs (Multi-Cache) was published June 19, 2001.  It was the oldest surviving caches in Northeastern PA, and among the oldest in the state of Pennsylvania.  Located at the Seven Tubs Nature Park in Bear Creek, this two stage multi-cache was located along the blue trail, which parallels a creek with some pretty awesome rock formations.

From the cache description page.

My first attempt at this cache was back in 2010.  I was watching my future stepson, Matthew, as his mom took his sisters to a dance competition in Philadelphia.  When I asked him if he wanted to go on a hike, he was all up for it.  We put on our hiking shoes, grabbed some supplies, and off to the Seven Tubs we went.  The hike in was enjoyable, as it was just long enough to be a worthy hike, yet short enough to keep a 5 year-old boy's attention span.  At stage one, Matthew enjoyed splashing around in the stream, as I carefully maneuvered my way up a tree to retrieve the coordinates for the final.  I tried explaining geocaching to him, but at the time, I don't think he quite grasped the concept.  I made a half-hearted effort to look for the final, but with Matthew having so much fun in the water, I knew what needed to win out.  I could always come back.

No cache find, but we did find a salamander!

I came back a month or two later.  I realized I'd lost the final coordinates, and had to start all over.  Once again, I hiked in, climbed the tree, and grabbed the coordinates.  Somehow, on the way down, I lost my footing, and went boom.  Feel free to read about that here.  Needless to say, I didn't find the final.

Laurel Run Creek at the Seven Tubs

My third and final attempt came on a rainy spring morning.  This time I had the coordinates for the final, and went directly there.  (Okay, honestly, I went over to stage one and gave it the old one finger salute).  On this particular morning, the combination of heavy cloud over and the tree cover itself proved to be a nightmare for locking in a good GPS signal.  I must have searched for over an hour, but with the bouncy GPS signal, I wasn't able to make the find.  I packed it in, and called it a day, figuring I'd get back here eventually.

"Eventually" came and went- then I read the aforementioned email:

"With much regret I am deciding to archive this cache. After adopting it I have had people constantly tell me that the stages were not there inspite (sic) of them being there. Today I decided to check due to the last searcher stating stage 1 not being there. it was there except someone had decided that the intended location was too high or hard or something and had lowered it about 5 feet to make it easier and left the final half exposed. Therefore do to ongoing problems will put this classic that was way before its time to bed."

So, another classic cache bites the dust.  Seven Tubs had a good life, and some pretty good cache owners.  Unfortunately, nothing lasts forever.  I dug through the many cache find logs and found some good ones, which I'll post at the end of this article.  It's interesting how the logging styles have changed over the years-but that's a different story for another time.

Found it
Team GeeOh (solo)

6-21-2001 8:00 p.m.

Hey Rich in NEPA, Found it! eTrex read 13 ft. and I spotted it. Cool! Looks like I'm first, too! Inside was the usual logbook, pens and pencils, as well as these items: Playing cards, Mini Brite Lite, Lithium AA's, magnifier, Glowing Superball, assorted State Park brochures, and a Basehead music CD. I signed the logbook, took the little magnifier, and left you a sweet Gargoyle! Cool site-been here many times! P.S. Can you explain the mothballs in plastic?

Found it
August 8, 2001 6:59pm Hot,Humid, Temp still in the mid 90's

Hey Rick,

I'm no stranger to the 7-tubs area. I've hiked there a few times in the past and sometimes enjoy a quick trip up there during the day to soak my feet while on my lunch break.

Given the heat of the day, there were still a few people gathered around the basins enjoying the shade and the cool waters of Wheelbarrow Run. After chatting with a few kids there, I was off in the general direction pointed out by my E-trex.

Reception within the hemlocks, ash and maple canope was spotty most of the way. I was able to lock-on from opening to opening in the tree cover and update along the way. My GSP took me to within 28 feet of the cache. I have to compliment you on the ingenious hiding place. I was able to retrieve it with no difficulty.

The cache was in good order. I left a telephone circuit tester and took the mothballs. (Kidding of course) Actually, I took nothing with me but the satisfaction of another successful hunt.

The return trip was at a brisk pace so to I would have time to soak my feet and talk to the folks congregated around the lower basin before they locked down the gate. Passed a few trail bikers along the way.

Well done! 


Found it
This is the third time I have been out on this hunt .
The first time I was unable to complete the task due to a bum shoulder suffered on OLD IRON back in March.
The second trip I took MY Nimble young Grandson {age 8]to complete the task wich only took him seconds.We got the clue,and wouldn't you just know it?...I had nothing with me to Decrypt the clue.
I wrote it down and decrypted it at home and stuck the info into my wallet for a future time.
Today I was notified that there was a Jeep TB 2.5 miles from my home.....The future was now!
Just made it in and out before they locked the gate.
I did not mind doing it thrice,because it is a great cache hide in a great place.
Took the Jeep TB. and in my haste I took no trade items,but I left my backpack bell wich kept me company with it's jingle over many miles of hiking
Thanks for the great hide 


Kevin Bloodhounded said...

What a shame, such a cool cache and one that stems back to the beginning of the sport. I wish the CO would have offered it to a few of us who already have caches in that area. I would have taken it for sure just to keep the history alive. Oh well, it's gone!

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