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Friday, April 19, 2013

I Found It! Then, I Found It?

You never quite know what you're going to find when you go out geocaching.

I recently went out to find a cache.  The cache was GC3N43P- "Wheres the petrow crew #4."  It was newly published, and at the time, sat, without a find, for a week.  I didn't understand why, but it was located relatively close to home, and I had the time, so I figured I would give it a try.

The coordinates brought me to the site of the old White Haven Little League grounds in-you guessed it- White Haven, Pennsylvania.  The ball field, and surrounding area, was overgrown with weeds, but there was a nice are with a pond and gazebo, and thankfully that is where ground zero appeared to be. I honed in on GZ, and it appeared my search was going to be centered around an old set of monkey bars, which too, was overgrown with weeds.  The cache page listed the D/T as a 1/1.5, and the container size as small.  With the abundance of metal at GZ, I was thinking "hide-a-key."

I circled the monkey bars several times, without any success.  I thought, perhaps, the cache could have been placed on the ground, nearby the outer metal banister surrounding the monkey bars, but something told me I needed to climb the bars themselves.  I strategically located my entry point from the outer banister, to the actual monkey bars.  Although it was slight bushwhacking, I found somewhat of an opening in the weeds.  Convinced the cache was located on the monkey bars, I began climbing.  So much for that 1.5 terrain!  I got down on my knees and felt under the metal platform on which I was standing.  No cache there.  I looked on top of the bars.  No cache there.  I looked to the left, and to the right, when suddenly something odd appeared to me.  There were a series of holes in the vertical bars of the structure.  There seemed to be something crammed into one of those holes.  Bingo!  There I found a small Cryotube, painted black, and filled with a log sheet.  Correction-it was filled with a BLANK log sheet!  Elated, I signed and dated the logsheet, and claimed my FTF.

Was this the cache...?

I placed the tube back in the hole, then contemplated my exit strategy.  Carefully, I turned around on the platform, and jumped to the ground.  As I made my landing, I noticed something at my feet.  It was another tube.  This tube was larger, and wrapped in cammo tape.  Could this be another cache, and if so, how is this possible?  I unscrewed the lid and pulled out the paper inside.  What was on the paper?  "Wheres the petrow crew #4."  THIS was the cache, not the other container!  Better yet, as this logsheet was also blank.  I FTF'ed this one, the intended cache, as well!  I signed the log, placed everything back in place, then headed back to the car, puzzled as to what just happened.

...Or was THIS the cache?

Has anyone had a similar experience?  Have you ever searched for a particular geocache, only to find another geocache near that one?  I've heard of cachers dropping temporary caches for cache owners on missing caches, but this was a brand-spanking-new cache.  Well, both were.  I'm thinking, perhaps, someone placed this cache and abandoned it without bothering to get it published.  What are your thoughts?


Dave DeBaeremaeker said...

I went cave spelunking (which is the romanticized version of I squeezed myself 10 ft into a not-quite-large-enough opening in a rock face), and found an ammo can. Right behind it was a second ammo can. I could only reach one, and it had a logbook and all the right contents so I signed it. Still not sure about the second can...

Kevin Bloodhounded said...

From a hiders perspective, I have trouble finding my own caches. Folks hide them better than me! I get a few DNF's, check it out and think it's missing. So,I replace it. Next seeker logs, "I found two caches", RATS! Then I go back and make it right. So, sure, I could see how that could happen.
Great post and I love the pics! Thanks!

Sumajman said...

Sounds like a cache that was placed and never logged, not so much like a "drop". Drops mess up the game, particularly if not approved beforehand by the CO.

Lindsay said...

We were looking for a multi once, stage one was on the ground, and there was a geocache up the tree that you had to use a pulley to get down. Not part of the multi, not labeled as an open cache or anything.

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