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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Garmin Nuvi Part 2

Last year my wife and I went to the Christian Homeschool Association of Pennsylvania (CHAP) conference. This is a conference we go to each year to look for the curriculum we will be using the next year as we teach our kids at home. It is a big conference with lots of vendors there to display there wares. We always plan on arriving on Thursday afternoon so we can drop off any used books we no longer need. These books are sold to other families at a reduced rate. Got to love a good bargain.  After we drop off our books we usually go to the hotel and get checked in. Then the rest of the evening is ours.

Last year when we did this trip I was in a wheelchair due to just having heart surgery. We tried to find a couple of caches, (yes I am determined surgery or not), and we were successful, but we also had a DNF. I hate them. We had tried on two different days to find that particular cache, but it was just not happening that year.  So this year with our books dropped off, and our room reserved, we headed out to FIND THAT CACHE. 

This year we were doing our caching a little differently and my wife was really determined to find our DNF from last year. We would be using my Garmin Nuvi 1350T. In an earlier post I posted an article about finding out how to download Geocaches into the Nuvi. We were really looking forward to using it and seeing how it worked.  I had already downloaded about 445 caches into it so now Elfred was ready. Elfred is the voice we use for our turn by turn directions. He is a cool little elf from the North Pole.

As I drove along I brought up my Extras icon and chose it. That is where my caches are listed. Then I choose Custom POIs, and then all POIs. Up came the caches that were all there.

It lists 4 caches on the main screen and their distance from your current location. Since we had just been to a Walmart to pick up some groceries we decided to find the one that was listed as less than a tenth of a mile away. It was GCGKBP. 

When I chose that cache Elfred told me to proceed to highlighted route.

So off we went. Elfred tells you right where to turn and then as we approached GZ he says “arriving at destination.”  We get a real kick out of him. He always has something funny to say like: “Snowball fight” or “Are we going to any toy stores” or our favorite “Please don’t make fun of my little elf shoes.” Well we arrived at our destination and began to look. Both the Nuvi and my etrex were showing us at GZ. We began to look and sure enough I found it. My wife and I signed the log and put it back. Then it was off to the next one, which seemed like it was over in the parking lot near another store.

We followed Elfred and arrived at GZ. We parked and then got out and started walking around. This one was not as easy. We looked and looked and then I finally saw it. Neither my wife nor I had found one like this ever before. It was a nano. I had never seen anything so small. My wife could not believe it was the cache. I showed her how it came apart and then we unrolled the log. It was totally filled up and so we just signed where we could. I made a note to tell the CO that it would need to be replaced. I don’t have anything that small or I would have done it for him.  We put it back and as we were leaving a couple getting in their car gave us a look. I told my wife not to worry because if they went over there they would never spot the nano. It is concealed very well.

We then had Elfred take us to two more caches, but these turned out to be DNFs. If I haven’t told you I hate them.  My wife said if we were going to find the cache from last year’s DNF we had better get going because it was starting to get late. Last year we did it in the evening and I think that was part of our problem.  We chose the next cache and let Eldred lead us to it.

We arrived and there were plenty of people going in and out of the store. This is a really big store and lots of hunters and fisherman really like it. I mean who doesn’t like a Bass Pro Shop. We parked near GZ and got out and began to search for it. We looked at all of the places we looked at last year, plus a few places we did not look at, and still no cache. Since I know there are some bolt caches around I began checking all of the bolts. No such luck. We then remembered some of the logs we had read beforehand and I began using my Geosenses. CACHAM! Found it. Now the only problem was getting to it. Let’s just say I’m glad my wife is as nimble as she is or we might not have gotten it. She retrieved it and we signed the log. Can they make these things any smaller? I hope not.

Well with 3 caches under our Harrisburg belt, and 2 DNFs, we headed back to the hotel. I won’t go into all of the details of our hotel stay, but lets say we will not be staying there ever again. Next year we'll have our own internet service and we won't have to depend on the hotel we stay at 

Here are some things I noticed while using my Nuvi. I still don’t have something set correctly, because as we drove along the highway caches that are within 1 mile should have popped up on the screen, but they did not.  That is a feature I was really looking forward to. I guess I’ll have to play around with it some more until I get it right. Also, if you’re driving on a road that is parallel to the road you should be on the GPS does not tell you you’re off track. He thinks you’re heading the right way so he doesn’t say anything until you make a wrong turn.

All in all I enjoyed using my Nuvi and I was glad we found some caches. Now I need to program it for caches around here, and I think I need to change the voice.  “Anyone want some fruitcake?” “Anyone?” “Elfred get out of the fruitcake you’re beginning to stutter.” 


Kim@Snug Harbor said...

Try looking at your list of caches thru the favorites option instead of the extras option. Then choose the cache you want to go,to and see if the other caches show up on your route. I always use the favorites option on mine.

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