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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Second Tuesday of the Month

I have a great bunch of kids! The older ones seem to attract all the attention and the younger one's wait. (I remember that feeling distinctly). My littlest is my best bud, Andie. That's short for Andrea Lynn Sullin, 11 years old, free spirited great kid. While all of us were looking at our schedules Andie once said, "no one has time for me anymore" and that hit home. I told her that the second Tuesday of the month is our day. To do what you ask? Well, just about anything! Bowling, ice skating, exploring or geocaching anything goes on the second Tuesday of the month. So far we did go bowling, did some geocache maintenance and I have found us winding down our "fun day" with a stop at Sweet Frog (LOVE SWEET FROG).

I always want to take time out for all my kids and we all have a lot of great times but rehearsals, cross country, school and work steal your time and we sometimes go weeks without some "quality time". The second Tuesday of the month is a day her and I look forward to.

This past "fun day" I was challenged. What could beat that awesome bowling tournament we did so well in last month? I mean, she did win the women's bowling cup of champions.......and I, the men's lol! She's been acting so grown up but I know there is still a kid in there somewhere. So, what kid doesn't like the master of all arcades/pizza and prizes? Chuck E Cheese!!!!! Yes, I am not above that. At first she was like, "well, ok, I guess" but in the end she was having so much fun. She almost died when I slid a $20 into that token machine! It sounded like we hit the jackpot and it was actually even little embarrassing. Everyone in the place was looking at us. We certainly know how to make an entrance.

We played a few games and then she saw kids had tickets and they were cashing them in on prizes. The first machine she played had this huge wheel and she hit the one in a million chance to get 150 tickets and then hit the machine up for another 80 within only a few tries.

There were tickets all over the place. She ended her lucky streak with an unprecedented 580 tickets. On the way to the prize area here eyes were fixed on the top shelf!  Again it was a little embarrassing, but really fun!!!!

In the end she picked the weirdest things, we laughed and laughed as we rolled into Sweet Frog! Another successful second Tuesday of the month under our belts and in our memories forever! I have a feeling it's going to stick and we'll keep it up for awhile. I hope it lasts for the rest of my life honestly, because I know someday the tables will turn and I'll be the one who feels that no one has time for anymore. She is so much fun to be with and we just laugh and laugh, it's crazy!

I can't wait to see what we are going to do today! I'm thinking rollerskating! My backside hurts just thinking about it!
Never stop playing and you'll always stay young!


Kim@Snug Harbor said...

Andie is SO adorable. And your special Tuesdays are something she will remember forever. Great post Kevin - I really enjoyed this.

What is "Sweet Frog?"

Kevin Bloodhounded said...

oh Kim, Sweet Frog is a frozen yogurt buffet! 30+ flavors that are always changing, fresh fruits, wild toppings, whipped cream, the works! You can take as much or as little as you desire. They charge you by the ounce. AND it's all so fresh, high quality and competitively priced. Love Sweet Frog, Google them to find one near you:)

BigAl said...

What a great memory maker. Andie will always remember her times with Dad on "Time For Me Tuesday". Our kids always seem to have a way of letting us know when we are falling down on being a Dad. As a friend of mine always says: "You Da Dad" and in my eyes and your daughters, you are.

Anonymous said...
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