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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Spring Geocache Maintenance

This past Sunday was very similar to many. Get up early, enjoy a non rushed cup of coffee with hazelnut creamer, make breakfast for the family and go to church. But, this Sunday was very different from the rest from that point on. I didn’t have to run to the restaurant to open up, I was off and I had time to hang out with my son Michael. It was a marvelous day, so I suggested some geocache maintenance and he was quick to agree. With a little persuasion and a promise to stop for a raspberry ice tea.

I had planned on going sometime in the week so I already had the needed supplies in the truck but, we didn’t need the truck for the first one. It was right across the street from the church. In the cemetery, as a matter of fact, where at ground zero you’ll find a unique geocache container at, “No Pets Allowed”. This cache has had over 200 finds and its location right off I-80 makes it a quick stop for folks driving by. The log fills up quickly and I just happened to have a brand ne CacheCraz.Com log to replace it with. The mushroom cache was my design and it’s withstood a few years here but it does look like it’s time to change it out to a new mushroom this summer. For now however, its ready for finding and considered maintained. We logged our maintenance via my Droid for the first time. Very quick and convenient. Off to the next!

Aint no bugs on me” is a fun little cache that my daughter actually put out but I maintain it. It’s a little bit of a challenge cache and you either have to be really tall plus standing on something or climb the tree about 12 feet or so using a large wild grape vine that is entangled with the branches above. I was happy to see that it was up in the tree instead of on the ground where a few who seekers said it was. The log needed changing and the little zip lock bag was renewed. Maintained log at the cache page and away we went.

Our next cache on this maintenance tour is, “All Dogs Go To Heaven” which has a wonderful view of the Wyoming Valley and Wilkes-Barre, PA. The forest fire folks sit up here to watch of wildfires in the valley during the dry months. This is a camoed Lock N Lock and it’s been holding up wonderfully until now. I see one of the four lid clips is broken but the cache and the contents are dry as a bone! I’ll need to change out this container in the summer. We added some swag, read through a few logs, returned everything to the cache and back it went better than it was when we found it! I let everyone know I was here in the log and off to the next stop we went

The Bear Creek Dam” cache is a cool historic location. It’s actually in the National Historical Society as a significant place of interest. Back in 1885 or so it served as a grand central for both timber and anthracite coal via rail or river. The cache is placed with permission by the Bear Creek Village bureau and it’s one of my handicap accessible caches. It was frozen in place however, I was able to unlatch the lid. Perfect, dry and full, no worries here and we moved on.

Down the road, not too far is an old stone bridge where the road use to go. There near this resilient structure from the past lies my, “Bear Creek Village “ geocache. This cache is placed with permission of the Bear Creek Preserve Natural Land Trust. I have a unique addition to the cache page. If you log that you did CITO and the cache site or parking area, you get an honorable mention at the bottom of the page scrolling along. You also must have your geosenses in high gear to find this one. It’s not an easy grab. Because of that and it’s remote location, it really doesn’t get much action. Therefore, the cache was in really great shape but I did add some swag to it just to top it off.

Do you have a geocache that needs some maintenance? That's ok if you do, just leave a note in the log or tempoarily disable it. Getting your caches in top condition and ready to welcome a cacher is fun, easy and makes for another day afield. It reminds you of the cool places that motivated you to put one there to begin with. BH


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