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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Spring Break

My son, BigAlJr1993, was going on Spring Break from college and Molly who attends with him was joining him at our house for the entire break. We picked them up from college in Upstate NY and then loaded the car with their belongings. Boy was that car packed.

My wife and I had decided that we would search out some caches on the way home and introduce Molly to Geocaching. We were able to secure three caches on the way home.

The first one was a micro about the size of a bottle cap. It was an easy find. We signed the log and then moved on. Our second cache was at an Information center for the Adirondack Mountains. We had to walk into the woods a short distance to find this one; did I mention that it was snowing and very cold? Well it was. We also were not wearing the proper shoes for being out in the snow, but then we weren't going to let that stop us.

We found the cache with no problems. It was a nice ammo can. Molly was pleased to see that they come in different sizes. We dropped off three TBs that we have held onto for too long. I then stocked the cache with SWAG since there was not much in there for kids of any age. On to the next cache.

We stopped for lunch at a local BK and then I did a search with my SMART phone for any nearby caches. There was one not too far away so we headed for it. Now this seemed like a typical skirt cache, but was I in for a surprise when I lifted it up. Low and behold there was a rat under there.

                           Craftimom with the rat in her lap

This little guy had a film canister in his backside with the log in it. We all got a good laugh out of this one. We signed the log and headed home. So we found 3 caches, but better than that we had introduced Molly to Geocaching. She was hooked for sure. After getting home she signed up for an account and now has to log her finds. This weekend we plan on spending all day Saturday taking her out for more caches.

Well that was our trip to Upstate NY to get them, but then we had to make a trip over towards NJ to pick up my daughter, Kyo-Kat. She is in a traveling choir tour and they were finishing up on Sunday and we were going to meet them at a mall to pick her up. We left in plenty of time and arrived with no problems. Katy then called and said they had just gotten on the road and they expected to arrive in about 4 hours.

WHAT? Four hours. You've got to be kidding. What were we going to do now? Well there is always time for a Geocache, or two, or three. The only problem was that I had not brought my GPS or Geobag since that was not in the plans at all. Well once again the smart phone comes in handy.

We were able to look up 12 caches around the area and begin our search. We found a number of micros and I just can't understand why people hide them when it's a perfectly good place for a much larger cache.

We were at a bus stop searching for a micro and we just could not find it. We had searched everywhere possible and I knew we were at the right spot from the hint. No luck. We got back in the car and started reading the logs and noticed that the last three people had logged it as a DNF. This really began to upset me. That was when the police car drove by. Oh boy. Did someone call us in for snooping around the telephone pole? He pulled up behind us and to our right and just sat there. We decided to hit the road.

We headed on to another cache, which we found. Then we decided to find a small series of three caches all within driving distance of the mall. They were odd little caches, but nicely hidden.

                         Some sort of bug

We were up to 9 caches now and still had time to kill. We then saw a nice park called the Algonquin Park. It had two caches located inside of the park area.

We parked and started our walk into the park. Now I must tell you that Craftimom was wearing her dress shoes from church. I was in sneakers. We had to cross a little bridge to get to the first one, but then it was back in the woods a little bit. We were crawling all over some rocks and she was slipping around. I thought this might not have been a good idea, but then we found the cache. It was a nice loc-n-loc. We signed the log, but did not have anything to leave. I guess next time I'll take my Geobag no matter where we go.

We then started walking off toward the next cache. It was a nice walk even though it was cold out. We finally turned off the path to head to GZ and the woods became a little mushy. Well we were determined to find this one. Craftimom saw it with no problem in its hiding place while I could not see it until she pulled it out. What did you expect for a guy that is going in for Cataract surgery on 4/1. That's a story yet to be experienced and told.

So we ended up with 11 finds and 1 DNF. After we found the last one Katy called and said they were just about there. We headed off to the mall and got there just before they did. What a day. We were tired, cold, and couldn't wait to get home to go to bed. All in all it was a fun day. Next time we'll wait a while before we go pick her up. Well maybe we won't because there is always another cache or two to find, or three... or maybe a dozen.


Kevin Bloodhounded said...

Wow, looks like you've got your spring time cache on! Only thing missing is the "SPRING"! It was cold outside today! I can imagine if your not planning on going, I'll bet you guy were cold! But that's the fun in geocaching! And smart phones now add what I call, "impulsive caching", anywhere, any time, I love my Droid but still would rather my Garmin GPS'r.
Great Post!

CrazyCris said...

Always time for a geocache, huh? I'll remember that next time someone makes me wait a couple of hours for them! You guys definitely made the most of those 4h!!! :o)

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