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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Another hike to Gaskill Peak on a gorgeous clear day

I enjoyed the hike up to the top of Gaskill Peak last Friday, so when Princess Toadstool said she was heading for another mileston, cache #1400, I suggested she find my new cache on Gaskill Peak, as well as SMOKEY's two caches, with the one on the top being number 1400.

It was a long hike from the beginning of the Forest Service Road, but it was an absolutely beautiful, and very clear, day.

Looking out from the slot.

Taking pictures of the fantastic view.

Looking down on Lawson Peak from the top of Gaskill Peak.

The "Alien" rock and the spectacular view beyond.

The view to the east showing Barrett Lake

I put the White Jeep in my cache and Nancy retrieved it from there and put it in the cache at the top. I forgot to take more pictures of it and "Lil' SMOKEY" when I retrieved him from the cache, but I'll make sure I take pictures of "Lil' SMOKEY" during the time I have him in my possession and when I finally send him back out in the wild.


This post was written by Miragee from her personal blog Musing About Geocaching. You'll find a lot of great articles and awesome adventures there. Karen is a regular contributor to CacheCrazy.Com.
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Kevin Bloodhounded said...

WOW! What awesome views Karen! Thank you for your continued support at CacheCrazy.Com. It's always an honor to feature your work here.

CrazyCris said...

That looks like an amazing hike!!! And you definitely got some great photos... Where is it?

BigAl said...

Karen, this is beautiful. I love the pictures. These look like they would be awesome hikes. Nice job. Thanks for posting.

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