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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

WHY NOT WEDNESDAY ~ Today's Puzzle ~ Where the Hell is the missing $10.00

Three geocachers are on a cache run and at their middle point they decide to spend the night in a local hotel. They walk into a hotel, and find out there is only one room left. The desk manager tells them that room is $150/night and all three men have to share the room. Each man gives $50 and retires to their room.

Shortly there after, the desk manager realizes he overcharged them, the room was only supposed to be $100. He informs the bell hop of this error, and sends him to reimburse the men, with 5 $10 bills. On the way to the room, the bell hop got to thinking; 'none of the men know how much they were mischarged. I will give each of the men $10 and put $20 in my pocket.'

Each man was more than happy to get $10 back. Thus, each man originally gave $50. After the $10 return, each man now only gave $40.
$40+$40+$40=$120. The bell hop kept $20. $120+$20=$140...WHERE IN HELL IS THE MISSING $10? This should add up to $150!

Think about it................. 


CrazyCris said...

I hate this kind of Maths puzzles!!! :p

50+50+50=150 original payment
50-10-10-10=20 for bellhop
150-10-10-10=120 what the guys really paid
120+20=140 missing 10!

I give up... :o(

Dave DeBaeremaeker said...

Each man paid $40, which equals $120.

The manager took $100, the bellhop has $20, which equals $120.

No problems here.

Adding the bellhops take to the pay is a mistake, as the bellhops amount is included in the amount the men paid.

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

Math is so NOT my subject. I got a headache just reading the question. :-)

BigAl said...

If the men paid $150 and they got back $30 and the room was only $100, then that means that there was $20 for the bell hop to keep, which he did and that equals $150. But the real story is that the cachers did not stop for the night. They all put on their headlamps and kept searching for caches throughout the night. They ended up getting 20 FTFs, 80 2TFs and 40 DNFs, which still leaves 10 caches to go in the morning. I got it! LOL

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