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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

TNLN Found Meth Lab

It's a beautiful day for geocaching adventures and a nice long hike. You head out with some of your best buds and while hiking through a remote area you smell something that reminds you of cat piss. "Dude, is that you?" You say and yuck it up but soon you realize, this is no laughing matter. There, about 12 meters away, along side of that old rock wall is a HUGE pile of trash. WTF! Who would dump all that crap out here in the middle of nowhere? On closer investigation you immediately yell, "get back, everyone get back!". Rattlesnake? No, Bee's Nest, Worse! Something Much More Dangerous! A METH LAB DUMP! And there in the pop and drain cleaner bottles lies serious potential dangers to the unknowing. Especially us geocachers, we explore everything, right? Poke it with your stick! Better not!

It's not all rainbows and lollipops here at CacheCrazy.Com. At times we get a little edgy so if this post "offends" you, I apologize in advance.
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So, whats the big deal Bloodhounded you ask? Well, I'll tell you.

Making methamphetamine in rural forest areas is more common than you might think and its the least likely suspected areas. Oh, sure we all heard about the labs in apartments, trailers, basements and even in trunks of cars but are you aware that one of the most used areas for meth labs are the same forests that we use for recreation and the two together spell DANGER. And, it's not just the labs but what if you run into the "cooks" or owners? You know they're not right upstairs. And, if you're alone you're at a disadvantage. Be prepared to protect your life. Who would have thought that GEOCACHING would have ever led to this?!?!

I'm not trying to scare you, but you have to be aware of how to identify, properly report and protect yourself if you ever come across a meth lab or dump in the great outdoors. You wont find fancy statistical data and graphs here. What you will get is what to do, in the "extreme" rare occasion that you might be so lucky as to come across one of these babies. And, let me state for the record, I hope you never do:)

When I first thought of a methamphetamine lab, I envisioned these big test tubes being heated by a crucible and drawn down a filler tunnel into a piperclay triangle and reduced to a powdery substance that is snorted, smoked or injected. NOT SO - A traditional meth lab is a primitive design using a propane tank filled with anhydrous ammonia  fueled "cooker" that aids in the separation of the needed chemicals from the unneeded chemicals of cold medicines/antihistamines/Sudaphed and then processed through filters that dry and yield the "goods".  There are more processes and products involved but that's a different post on another blog.  The drug is then "stepped on" meaning it's mixed with other like byproducts to reduce the potency and maximize profits.

Ole'  Bloodhounded sounds like he's cooked up a batch or two in his time, right? Well, I do love to cook, but I'm not a drug maker (I'll leave that for real scientists like DctrSpott)  however, I'm "told" this is kinda how it's done. LOOK at  the ingredients, ugh! Anything with drain cleaner in it that you ingest in anyway, is not good for your health and well being! DUHHHH!

Another way to make a batch of meth is to use the "shake and bake" or "one pot" method. This is likely the most commonly used method of armature cooks who just want to make a batch for themselves. They add a bunch of crap together in liter soda bottle, you have to do it fast OR ELSE, shake it up, THERE IS FREAKING FIRE INSIDE THERE (as long as it doesn't blow, you're still in business), you have to vent it with a rubber hose (sure sign of a "one pot"), let all the different chemical reactions take place at the same time and if it doesn't explode into flames (can you say "Richard Pryor") and choke you to death with toxic gas, you got yourself some freshly cooked meth. This is by far the most dangerous method for many reasons I wont even get into. Don't think I have to, you guys are smart, right? (but if you have any questions, concerns or a user seeking help, just email me)

WHO does this freaking stuff? You might be surprised to know that meth has effected all walks of life and the enticement to "cook your own" is very real. From kids to seniors, gals and guys, even Grandmas cook meth (I can see a couple of users saying, "It ain't the meth that Grandma use to make" that's CRAZY!). All kinds of folks are cookin up meth and the cooks themselves are the most dangerous. Why? Because they have access to the "pure crystal meth" before it's "stepped on". That's bad shit man, and it makes folks go crazy. Among many sensations, the feeling of being indestructible comes to mind. If you're gonna fist fight one of these guys, good luck! I personally prefer a 9mm Glock but some pepper spray will do nicely. And, just a side note, these squatters are usually in very poor health so you CAN outrun them and there's nothing wrong with retreating. It's a life preservation game plan believe me. Run like hell!

Are you following me here? Good, because this part is important! DO NOT HESITATE, CALL 911 IMMEDIATELY!  Even if you can't talk, they will start the ball rolling to get you help fast. You should give them the coords from your gps or smart phone OR they can pick you up on their system JUST DON'T HANG UP!

The rest my friends, is up to you. If you choose to carry pepper spray in your pack, it might be put to good use someday. A nasty wild dog, an overaggressive boyfriend or a meth cook, they all back down or slow down quickly after a shot to give you time to RUN! Do not fight these guys, they are bad-asses and often carry guns (and their stoned enough to use them). If you carry a gun, remember, it can be used against you so be ready to use it or lose it. These bastards are fast because they're all cranked up on meth and can quickly "fake you out", take your gun and BANG, you're dead. Think I'm kidding here?

GUYS! Don't go into areas that are known "kitchens". Woods near small cities are the worst, even large parks. Where there are squatters,  there are meth labs, the two go hand in hand. Under bridges, along railroad tracks, off well established paths (meth cooks don't like bushwhacking). Let's put it this way:

"You know you might find a meth lab if....."

  • There is an old beat up car parked at the trail head parking area with LP Gas tanks in the back seat
  • Lot's of recent litter like beer cans, cigarette packs and empty cold medicine packaging 
  • Speaking of smokes, these guys HAVE TO smoke like chimneys, look for areas that have a lot of recent butts on the ground
  • The area is a known "kitchen" (then your just asking for it)
  • It only takes two days to cook up a batch of meth in a larger setup so look for "recent" signs of heavy traffic on trails
  • You smell cat piss
  • Any unfamiliar odor like fingernail polish remover or sulfur
  • You hear clanging of LP gas tanks in the distance
  • If you come across some "shady looking" folks on the path (hope that never happens to ya)  
For every pound of meth produced, 6 pounds of meth trash is left behind. Many times it's dumped off to the side or left as is and the cooks move on. They never stay in one place too long. If you come across a dump, don't touch it (CITO DOES NOT APPLY HERE). You could literally start a reaction from the sweat on your fingers, morning dew or rainwater. Report the dump and coords to the authorities or call 911. Also, if you do find a dump, don't think for one moment that the cooks are far away. Many times they just move a short distance because they're lazy and fearless so there could be trouble down the path. Go out the way you came in and get the hell out of there.

So, there you have it. In our love for the great outdoors we rarely come across serious dangers because we know certain things like; don't mess with a bear cub, don't stick your walking stick in a ground bees hive, don't throw rocks at a wasp nest, don't mess with a rattlesnake and don't underestimate the possibility of finding a meth lab or dump. Be prepared and enjoy the great outdoors, safely!

A note from the author: While doing research for this post I was surprised of the lack of information available to the outdoor recreation enthusiast! I couldn't really find too much that told it "the way it is" so, I decided to put this together for you to share and learn of the dangers. My personal advise to you is: Want to get high? Climb a mountain. Want to get stoned? Rappel off a cliff.  Want a real head rush? Watch the sun set from a western rocky point. 

If you feel you have more to add, please make an entree in the comments.


CrazyCris said...

This is some scary shit! I would never have even thought of the possibility of running into a meth lab in the woods! :o(

Big_Dog1970 said...

I often think about different hazards that I may run into while out geocaching, but I never would have dreamed of this.
Thank you for this very informative article.
I hope that enough people read this and pass it along.

Cache Ya Later

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

Definitely something to think about and it's good that people are aware of the dangers. We run across homeless camps in the woods all the time and steer clear of them as well.

BigAl said...

Bh, what an article. Thanks so much for posting it. You're right that you never know who, or what, you're going to run into when you're out in the woods. If you suspect something is fishy, then get out of Dodge. Stay safe my friends.

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