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Friday, February 22, 2013

Ten Fictional Characters Who Would Have Made Great Geocachers

Geocaching hasn't exactly found it's niche in cinema.  Sure, there's Splinterheads, but outside of that, not much else.  In addition, you never see it on television.  I've heard it was mentioned once on an episode of Law & Order, but I have yet to see it for myself.  There are plenty of movies and television shows out there, and as such, I find it hard to believe NO ONE on those shows geocaches!  So, let's suspend belief for a few moments and reflect back on characters in recent (and not-so-recent) memory.  For various reason, aspects about these ten characters, in my opinion, carry over very well into the game of Geocaching.

Tim "The Toolman" Taylor from Home Improvement- Tim was always modifying some household object or objects in order to get them to accomplish something they weren't really meant to do.  Haven't we all, at some point or another, looked at something in our home and thought to ourselves "Hey, that would make a great cache container!"  I rest my case.

Ogilvie from The Bad News Bears- Not the most athletic of the squad, Ogilvie was the bookkeeper and the unofficial team dork.  He also had a way with numbers.  I bet if you gave him a puzzle cache, he'd be able to crack the code without even breaking a sweat!

Emilio from Mr. Deeds- The eccentric butler from Adam Sandler's 2002 Comedy Mr. Deeds had a knack for showing up, unexpected, wherever his employer, Longfellow Deeds, happened to be. "I'm very, very sneaky!"  Sounds like a FTF hound to me!

Steve Urkel- "Did I do that?"  Urkel was the consummate nerd.  His science projects never quite lived up to expectations, but he did whatever was necessary in an attempt to win the heart of his neighbor, Laura.  Had Family Matters been set in the present day, I could imagine Steve Urkel geocaching, whenever he wasn't harassing the Winslows.

Cliff Clavin-  If there's one guy who could have written one heck of a cache description page, I bet it would have been Cliff Clavin.  He was a walking encyclopedia, knew a little bit of what seemed to be everything, and was quite articulate.  He also always paid attention to detail.  This Cheers mainstay would, undoubtedly, write a very descriptive cache log, as well.

Raymond Babbitt- The famous autistic savant from Rain Man was kidnapped by his brother, Charlie, and together they took a little trip out west.  I wonder how Raymond would do with those five-star puzzle caches out there?  Do you think the "impossible" code would appear to him?

Kevin McCallister-  Not unlike Tim Taylor, this Home Alone focal point altered household items, giving them a secondary purpose.  In this case, however, that purpose was to thwart the Wet Bandits.  More importantly, Kevin knew how to get himself out of a jam.  His resourcefulness and sense of logic would be a welcomed addition to any geocaching team.  Plus, he popularized the line "Keep the change, ya filthy animal!"

Lassie- You can keep Timmy Martin, I'll take Lassie, anyday.  Perhaps the world's first Geo-dog, Lassie was bailing Timmy out of jams on a weekly basis.  I bet she would have been able to sniff out caches!  "What, Lassie?  The cache is behind the fallen oak tree, covered by rocks?  Good girl!"

Forrest Gump-  Forrest got to see the world.  He met presidents, and just happened to be a witness to some of the most historic events of the twentieth century.  Had geocaching been around then, he'd have collected smileys from around the world!  He wasn't a smart man, but I bet he'd be able to figure his way around a GPS.  Not to mention, his memorable quotes and one-liners work well within the realm of the geocaching world.

"Geocaching is like a box of chocolates.  You never know what you're going to get."
"Lietenant Dan!  A geocoin, Lieutenant Dan!  I found you a geocoin!"
"My mama always said you've gotta sign the log before you can move on to the next cache."

MacGyver- Oh, come on, geocaching or not, who wouldn't want to hang out with MacGyver?  This mild mannered special agent had a profound knowledge of science.  More importantly, he was able to make great use of even the  most mundane objects.  Have you ever been to a cache site, and spotted the cache, but couldn't figure out how to get it, or how to open it?  I bet MacGyver would have been able to grab or open it, probably with a wad of gum or, perhaps, a rubber band.


Nighthawk700 said...

I saw that episode of Law and Order. Badly done. To find the geocache, they took out a shovel and dug down. Shame shame shame.

Dave DeBaeremaeker said...

This is a good list, except I am going to have to respectfully disagree with the Toolman.

Yes he did modify things, but normally things things blew up or self destructed... not a desired outcome for a cache.

OTOH, who of us hasn't made caveman grunting sounds while out in the woods? :)

Big_Dog1970 said...

I have compared some of my geocaching friends to MacGyver for their creative, inventive, and totally awesome caches.
Nishollow, JohnGalt?, and TravelnbHappy21 to name a few. :)

Cache Ya Later

CrazyCris said...

Fun list! But how could you leave out the person who would have made the BEST geocacher ever?!?!?! NO ONE is as attentive to details and solving clues as SHERLOCK HOLMES!!!

Of these guys I'd definitely love to hang out with MacGyver, he was my "hero" when I was in High School! (and Richard Dean Anderson the main reason I started watching Stargate SG1 years later) :p

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