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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

I Love Geocaching! Can you tell!

A few weeks ago a friend of mine contacted me with a question. He works as a Teacher at the Scranton School for the Deaf and he was looking for something for the kids to do during their summer break. He had heard me talk many times on Facebook about Geocaching, so he thought this might be something the kids would like to do. What he wanted to know was if I would take him out caching along with a few of the students so they all could get a feel for it. Well I was elated. I love taking folks out and teaching, or getting them hooked, on Geocaching.

We set a date and met at a nearby parking lot. We would be searching out two of my caches. When they arrived the boys got out of the van and came over to my car. The first thing they noticed was that I had one of the boys' names on my car window. It was Carl #1. Well one of the boys' names was Carl. Long story short of why it was there. My son, Carl, went to a camp and the students had written his name all over the car. This was the last window I had to clean. Carl, now learning about caching, thought that was really neat that I had his name on my car. I was then introduced to Auden and felt I had two new friends. I love Geocaching and making friends.

On to caching. Well I first showed them some of the stuff in my Geobag. You know the usual stuff like SWAG, Geocoins, and a TB.

We talked while my friend signed to the two students what we would be doing. This was going to be a very interesting caching trip since the two young boys are hearing impaired, and I don't know a lot of sign language. Matter of fact I don't remember much of what I use to know.

We headed out for the first cache, which was Anniversary Cache. As we approached GZ the boys started looking around for the cache. My friend Doug spotted it right away. He then waited for the boys to find it. He told them it could be under a rock, in something, or on top of something. They began searching harder. It didn't take them long to find the cache. They were excited to have found it.

What was really great was that they found their first Pathtag, and their first TB. I told Doug that they could keep the Pathtag and he said they would keep it for the entire group. I then explained about the TB and that it needs to move from cache to cache. He said they will move it along soon. They put the cache back where they had found it and it was off to the next cache.

The next cache was Symbol Of Peace. This one is a multi-cache and a little harder. The boys set off with the GPS and were heading in the correct direction. Once they got around GZ they began looking for the cache. We had to tell them that they were looking for Part 1 of the cache, which then would lead to Part 2. They kept looking all around the ground so Doug explained to them that they needed to divide the area in to small sections and look from the ground all the way up into the trees. It took a little while, but then they found it.

We then showed them that the co-ordinates to Part 2 are on the tail of the bird. Very cool. We entered the co-ordinates into the GPS and headed off to Part 2. Along the way we encountered many animal tracks, which were fun to look at.

Well it didn't take them long to find Part 2. They were excited about finding it too. They opened the container and went through it. What a fun time they had.

Well they had found two caches and had a great time. I think these guys are hooked for good. They can't wait to go out on their next excursion looking for caches.

So how about you? Have you taken anyone out for their first caching trip. I'd love to hear about it. By the way, say hello to the Scrantonbigbears. They are awesome and I look forward to seeing them on the trails in the future.


Adrienne Rose said...

I think that's awesome, and definitely something that every kid could enjoy! Too cool!

Kevin Bloodhounded said...

I'm proud that Rob is part of the CacheCrazy.Com TEAM. He represents our values so well in teaching and educating folks on our sport.
"Take a man caching and find adventure for a day. Teach a man to cache and find a lifetime of adventure" from the book of Bloodhoundedisim

CrazyCris said...

Very cool story! :o)

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