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Thursday, February 21, 2013

February Geocache of the Month

Well I finally did it. I got out for a few caches to start out my 2013 year. I know you're probably thinking "Big Al, it's February and you should have had many cache finds by now". Well I've been fighting the Stu Mack Bug and finishing projects around the house and just haven't made time to get out and cache. That all changed this last weekend when we took my son to Snow Camp at Word of Life Bible Institute (WOLBI) in Schroon Lake, NY.


You'll remember that last year we made the same trip with one of my other sons, and we visited Buttermilk Falls. This year we did not stay up there, but we drove up, dropped Levi off with one of his friends Chris, and then we drove right back down. WOW! It's about  a 10 hour round trip ride. My wife and I had things to do on Saturday and that is why we did not stay there.

On Sunday we drove back up there to pick them up... and we were just a little late. Well we had to stop and pick up a cache along the way. Our first cache was The Parker's TB B&B. This was a very nice cache. We had stopped for lunch at one of our favorite places; International House of Pancakes, otherwise known as IHOP. What's funny is that we had stopped at the same exact one on Friday evening. We ordered the same exact menu items and what a difference. On Friday we received a large amount of hashbrowns and two very large pancakes. On Sunday we got smaller portions. Oh well, maybe we did not need so much. Oh yeah, back to the cache.

This cache is located not far from the IHOP so it was a must find for us. We parked in the local park and ride area and then set out to find the cache. The cache was not too hard to find and it was well placed. Kudos to the CO for such a nice job. I made the grab and went back to the car. My wife was sitting in it since there were so many muggles around and I did not want one of them to take off with her car since we wanted to leave it running due to how cold out it was.

I opened the cache container and it was well stocked with TBs. This was really nice since I had several to drop off and my wife had one to drop off too. We took out three TBs and I checked them out on my smart phone to see what their missions were. There were actually more in there, but we only wanted to take three since that is what we were dropping off.

I then re-hid the cache and we headed off to the highway, which was just two turns away from where we were. This cache placement is really nice since it is so close to the highway. If your ever in the area I suggest you check this one out. It is well worth it.

We then arrived at WOLBI and picked up the boys. Then we met up with our other son and daughter who are attending there. It was a special day since we were giving our daughter her birthday presents.

                                         Katy and Doctor Who

Yes, Kyo-Kat is turning 21.  Her birthday is actually 2/20/13, but we were celebrating it today. She really enjoyed what we got her and we also got to meet Bigaljr1693's friend, Molly.

                                Carl and Molly
After visiting with them for a while the boys, my wife, and I headed back towards home. But not until we had searched out another nearby cache. This cache was located along the backside of Schroon Lake. It is called Roaring Brook. What made this find so fun was how cold out it was. The car thermometer read about 11 degrees, but that did not include the wind chill factor. I don't know how windy it was, but it just about blew me over. We did not park where we were supposed to, but instead pulled right up along side of the cache. We made the find pretty quickly and I got back inside of the car with the log. Hey, it was warm in there. After signing the log we put it back and then headed home. What I liked about this cache was the pictures that the CO put on the cache page about how it looked so long ago. I only wish I had taken a picture of it while we were there.

So kudos go to this CO too. I really appreciate a good hide no matter what the size of the container. Plus it was a nice view. So again, if you're in the area be sure to check this one out too.

We then headed on home, which again was a nice long drive. All in all it was a fun filled weekend for my son and his friend, and my wife and I got a lot accomplished with no kids around. I hope that you too make the best of your travels, even if it's only to pick up your kids from camp. As they say, a good day caching is just..., well..., it's just a good day caching. Have fun and be safe.


Kevin Bloodhounded said...

Awesome post BigAl! Happy B-Day Kat! And super picture of Carl and Molly!

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

SO happy o see you back out on the trail!

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